Availius LLC Has Announced a New Product for the Remote Monitoring of the Environment and Clinical Laboratory Equipment.

According to regulations, all clinical laboratories have to maintain ongoing monitoring of ambient temperature and humidity in all areas used for testing, as well as keep temperature logs for all refrigerators, freezers and incubators. Although this may sound easy enough, it’s actually often easier said than done. The problems most commonly stem from the “human factor”, such as forgetful or negligent lab staff or some of the laboratories being closed on the weekends or working with just a minimal staff, which means the logs are not updated on a daily basis.

Availius takes care of this problem by offering a solution which makes it possible to create unique, truly smart lab environments. This is achieved by installing in the labs remote temperature and humidity sensors which transmit their data to a central server. All data including the history is available for export at any time.

Konstantin Bas, CEO of Availius LLC, says that what makes the system absolutely unique is its simplicity, compactness and total adaptability. Customers can set their own operating temperature ranges and parameter readout rate. What’s particularly important is that the system is fully interactive. It notifies the administrators as soon as the operating parameters exceed or fall below the pre-set limits. The system can be expanded by connecting sensors indicating the voltage in the electrical circuit, light intensity, presence or absence of people in the room, etc.

Konstantin Bas is confident that this product has a great future as it not only allows laboratories, large and medium-sized medical practices and hospitals to be more compliant, but also saves substantial amounts of money by using “smart” control.

Source: Availius LLC