Author Sheila Young's New Book, 'God's Plays' is an Encouraging Tale That Shows That Each Person Has Their Own Path Meant Just for Them

Recent release "God's Plays" from Covenant Books author Sheila Young is an uplifting tale of spirituality that ensures each person is meant for their own form of greatness. Even when it feels as if life has sidelined someone, they are not out of the game.

Sheila Young, a talented author who values children and the child inside of everyone, has completed her new book, "God's Plays": an encouraging tale of faith and spirituality.

Young shares, "God's Plays is not just a title, it's an ultimate part in our lives. The players change along with the situations in one's life. Like children playing ball, there are bases that they each will land on. Some of them will hit the ball out in the left field. But God will always give them a chance to get it into the right field. Some of them will hit the ball and make a home run, running and chasing after God. He wants them to have fun chasing after him through prayer. He wants them to be a glory carrier for God's kingdom, uniformed down to win souls or save their own. Some will slide into a plate and get a little dirty. But they will pick themselves up and dust themselves off and start all over again. For God is a God of many chances. Some will find themselves sitting in the dugout to pray about things more earnestly. There will be plenty of times they will want to throw in the towel. And sometimes the water bucket they carry may feel very heavy. Yet with God as their umpire, they will find safety under his protective wings as plays are called. The devil may say, 'It's a foul or strike. You are done.' God says, 'You're not finished. The game is not over. The victory is yours, and you have won.'"

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Sheila Young's new book encourages people of faith to understand that no matter their path, they are victorious in their own way.

Readers can purchase "God's Plays" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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