Author Dennis A. Feece's New Book, 'Love, Pride and Murder', is a Murder Mystery Taking Place in New Hampshire, Primarily Concord and Upstate, Near Hanover and Woodstock

Recent release "Love, Pride and Murder" from Covenant Books author Dennis A. Feece is a murder mystery told, in first-person style, by T. B. Stone, a local private investigator.

Dennis A. Feece has completed his new book, "Love, Pride and Murder": a riveting murder mystery told through the eyes of T. B. Stone, who is decidedly not hard-boiled, nor is he painfully rational. Instead, he tends to be intuitive, conjuring up solutions inductively with the help of friends and colleagues.

The plot unfolds largely through encounters with others and is driven by relationships that form along the way. As an example, and as the novel progresses, TB finds himself falling for his client, Lucia, who ultimately helps him pursue the case.

Author Dennis A. Feece has a background in the business world and has lived and worked in four different states, including New Hampshire. He currently lives in northeastern Pennsylvania with his cat. He has a master's degree in theology.

Dennis A. Feece begins, "I was enjoying a genuinely nice California Syrah, plucked from a case of twelve given to me by a client who had connections in Napa Valley. It was about eleven thirty on a Tuesday night in July. During most years, July and August are the most congenial months in New Hampshire, and this year seemed especially nice. Holding my wine by the glass stem, carefully, I lifted it up to the light, noting both the deep-red color and the rainbow effect of light refracting along the wine's robe. Walking to, then opening, the french door screen, I stepped out onto my deck. I built it the previous summer, so it still seemed like a novelty, and I was proud of the accomplishment. I am not particularly handy with carpentry or anything like its ilk, but it was a nice addition to my little house in the woods. I had stained it, rubbed polyurethane over it, then added a couple of planters along the sides and a nice, rough-hewn table and padded chairs. The extra touches made it just what it should be."

Published by Covenant Books, South Carolina, Dennis A. Feece's new book invites readers to join TB on this unforgettable adventure as he gets caught up with spies, assassins, and an assortment of unsavory deeds. The solution to the mystery is less obvious than it may seem, and in the end, there is nothing cozy about it. However, cozy is as cozy does, so most readers will find it comfortable reading.

Readers can purchase "Love, Pride and Murder" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Covenant books is an international Christian owned and operated publishing house based in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. For additional information or media inquiries, contact Covenant Books at 843-507-8373.   

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