Author Bobby Key's new book 'My Walk with God: To and from the Farm' is a fascinating memoir that chronicles the author's journey in faith

Recent release "My Walk with God: To and from the Farm" from Covenant Books author Bobby Key is a compelling memoir that shares the author's ever-growing relationship with God as a man of faith.

Bobby Key, who was born in Bakersfield, California, in 1938, has completed his new book "My Walk with God: To and from the Farm": an engaging and inspiring memoir that emphasizes faith as the guiding light through the author's life. 

Bobby Key went to grade school just south of Bakersfield, California, at Lakeside Elementary School. They farmed close by there until he was out of the fifth grade. His dad then moved them to Madera, California, where he bought a farm and continued farming in that area.

Bobby and his brother Lonnie then went to Brenda Elementary School. After elementary school, his dad sold the farm and moved them to Washington State, where he bought a nice little 105-acre ranch. There were lots of beautiful timber and greenfield and a beautiful pasture for the cows. Their entire family was just thrilled.

Bobby grew up working on their farm equipment and learned how to overhaul and rebuild engines. Bobby does mechanic work. He learned how to build drag racing cars. He and his brother always had something torn apart piping it or racing it on the dragstrip.

With all the chores they had to do on the farm, it didn't leave a lot of spare time. The milking and feeding had to be the priority. There was no time for being lazy. But that was just fine; he loved to be working, and he enjoyed looking back at his accomplishments. It was very fulfilling.

Bobby writes, "My walk with God began at the moment of conception by the two loving parents, Mildred and J. D. Key. When he met her, she was only fifteen years old, but she was driving a team of workhorses pulling a cultivator in a field of cotton. As we heard them tell the story, they fell in love. My grandpa was against it at first. Mom had just spent almost two years in a tuberculosis facility up in the mountains just east of Bakersfield, California."

He continues, "She was a very strong young lady, and she knew she was well enough to get married, so Grandpa gave in, and they were married. Then a few months later, I came along, and that brought me to the farm where I spent the next years of my life growing up into manhood."

Published by Covenant Books, Bobby Key's meaningful work offers an inspirational journey that provides hope and guidance for readers seeking to strengthen their faith.

Readers can purchase "My Walk with God: To and From the Farm" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Source: Covenant Books

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