Author Annie MorningStar's New Book 'Destined to Ride the Healing Winds of Heaven' is a Stirring Spiritual Journey Detailing the Author's Divine Encounters With God

Recent release "Destined to Ride the Healing Winds of Heaven: A Spiritual Journey" from Covenant Books author Annie MorningStar is a faith-based read that relates how the author was healed of her brokenness and grew closer to God through incredible supernatural experiences and dreams from her heavenly Father. As she takes readers on her spellbinding journey, MorningStar hopes her readers will catch their own healing current from the Winds of Heaven and come out changed as well.

Annie MorningStar, a retired RN and Hospital Pastoral Care Associate, has completed her new book, "Destined to Ride the Healing Winds of Heaven: A Spiritual Journey": a captivating memoir of the author's spiritual healing and growth that took place after a series of amazing events that revealed themselves to be sent by God.

"After I had been a Christian for about ten years, I had a supernatural encounter with God—you will find the story down the road. He went back in time and miraculously set a young child, held captive within the grown woman, free from painful memories that had imprisoned her in a frozen time warp for many years. 

"Shortly after that experience, I was visited by dreams two nights in a row. It felt like I was in a living movie. They are still as vivid and real as if I had dreamed them last night," writes MorningStar.

MorningStar continues, "I awoke from these dreams knowing they were from the Lord. This left me with a sense of urgency that now, almost forty years later, still fills me with passion to reach those souls any way I can—pointing them to the Great Physician, the One who died to free humanity from anything that keeps us bound.

"This book, birthed out of that same passion, is for those same souls. Readers will know when a story or prayer is for them; it is simply a hand extended in the hope that through its pages, God will touch you, dear reader, and set you free in any area that might reflect your need. On the other hand, maybe it will introduce you to the One who holds the keys to your freedom. Then again, maybe you will be stirred to share it with someone who needs hope for a healing touch."

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Annie MorningStar's new book is a spellbinding tale that will capture the hearts and minds of readers from all walks of life. Honest and enduring, MorningStar's personal story will inspire readers to take a chance and place their faith in God's plan, seeking guidance and healing through his divine wisdom.

Readers can purchase "Destined to Ride the Healing Winds of Heaven: A Spiritual Journey" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Source: Covenant Books

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