AUGMENTes Makes Jewelry Shopping More Convenient

AI-powered search and Apple Pay are implemented for Riddle's Jewelry

AI-powered search and Apple Pay are implemented for Riddle's Jewelry

AUGMENTes, the leading provider of customized digital shopping solutions, is pleased to announce the release of an AI-powered personalized search engine and Apple Pay for one of its premier customers, Riddle’s Jewelry. These new features will allow shoppers to easily find what they are looking for and place quick and seamless orders with secure payment.

AUGMENTes continues to help Riddle’s Jewelry stay ahead of the competition by making their customers' buying journey seamless and enjoyable. The Nextopia search engine, an AI-powered site search solution that uses machine learning to enhance the customer journey, quickly finds what the user is looking for and provides suggestions based on previous searches and other activity. Apple Pay enables users with an existing account to make secure purchases with a single click, making the online shopping experience more seamless and convenient.

“These new features keep Riddle’s Jewelry in the forefront of online shopping, making it quicker and easier to find things and place orders with minimal effort,” remarked Sundar Moorthi, CEO of AUGMENTes. “Now shoppers can find an item, see it on themselves and buy it with just a few clicks.” 

The AUGMENTes solutions enable retailers to attract and engage consumers across all digital and physical environments and consolidate all their sales channels within one dashboard. Utilizing cutting-edge technology including Augmented Reality (AR), geo-fencing, beacons, targeted ads, appointment booking, interactive digital catalogs and more, companies can use the AUGMENTes solutions to entice shoppers to make purchases anytime, anywhere, on any smart device.  

About AUGMENTes: Based in Houston, Texas, AUGMENTes provides cutting-edge digital consumer experiences that help retailers and brands increase their online and in-store sales using augmented reality (AR), mobile applications and omni-channel shopping platforms. AUGMENTes was named the most promising IT and web company of 2017 by the Rice Alliance.

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