As Food Costs Soar, Marvell Foods, Nation's Leading Food Brokerage, Food Trading Company Offers Food Manufacturers and Consumers Best Hedge Against Rising Food Costs

The nation's leader in the secondary food market, Marvell Foods, is helping food insecure American families and food manufacturers, suppliers, packers, and distributors seeking affordable, price-sensitive solutions in the face of punishing and rapidly rising food costs.

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Marvell Foods, a food broker specializing in discontinued, out-of-date, unsold, and overstock food items, is helping address the soaring costs of food plaguing the nation and aid in the fight against food insecurity due to COVID-19.

As the nation's largest secondary food industry broker and trader, Marvell Foods has a keen pulse on a wide range of products - fresh and frozen proteins, canned goods, shelf-stable items, and more. Leveraging its more than three decades of experience and extensive national relationships, Marvell Foods has access to discontinued, out-of-date, and perfectly wholesome short-coded and "soon to expire" food at the lowest possible cost. "Our network of buyers and sellers is unparalleled in the food industry," says company founder Marilyn Raybin. "We get an incredible array of new offerings every single day from companies across the country looking to buy or sell their food products." 

During the COVID-19 crisis, Marvell Foods has emerged as a pivotal player offering its unique services to food manufacturers and consumers, and food Insecure American families. Customers include food banks, food pantries, and many not-for-profit organizations, all seeking the best and least expensive food during a rising food cost crisis. 

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About Marvell Foods

Marvell Foods, a third-generation, family-owned company headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, and offices coast to coast, has built unequaled networks with the nation's leading food manufacturers, suppliers, co-packers, and distributors. Working with USDA vendors across the country, Marvell Foods proudly and quickly leaped into action when the COVID-19 crisis struck in 2020. Marvell Foods "buys" a wide array of proteins, frozen and shelf-stable items from various customers. On the "sell" side, Marvell Foods has cultivated excellent relationships with the nation's top big-box, discount, and independent retail operators, including food banks, commissaries, and State and Federal government entities. Marvell Foods has worked with manufacturers, distributors, and vendors working with the USDA to supply millions of pounds of food to food-insecure American Families. 

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As a third-generation, family-run company, Marvell Foods has built unparalleled relationships and networks across a wide range of product categories with companies and suppliers from around the United States.

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