Aria Hosted Is Inspiring the Cisco Team

With a seamless integration of Cisco technology, Aria is leaving traditional hosted voice speechless!

Aria Hosted keeps transforming and inspiring the hosted voice market, for it’s the only platform designed for businesses of all sizes. Aria offers all of Cisco’s collaboration tools, including Spark, WebEx and Jabber all in one easy-to-manage and cost-effective hosted model, which simply makes it the top Cisco-based hosted collaboration platform in the market.

The Aria roadshow produces impressive outcomes every time. The most recent roadshow took place in North Carolina when the Cisco Virtual Sales team met Aria at the movies. The event took place at the Research Triangle Park, which is considered the Silicon Valley of the east coast, and where Cisco’s virtual sales managers are located. The event included a networking cocktail, the screening of Batman v Superman movie and a presentation of Aria’s best attributes.

Cisco already has two powerful hosted collaboration platforms (HCS – Cisco Spark), yet Aria managed to impress them which is proof of Aria’s power, especially for companies with less than 250 users. “We know Aria is a very powerful solution. The full range of benefits that we are able to offer to a small or medium size business can’t compare to what’s out there. Our marketing team is making a huge effort on communicating to the right people Aria’s message, and part of it are events like this one, in which we create a perfect scenario to talk about the best hosted voice platform to a powerful team such as Cisco’s” Alexander Sierra – Director of Strategy and Marketing for Aria Hosted.

Aria’s leaving the Cisco team inspired! The hosted voice market is competitive, but what makes Aria unique is its platform of seamlessly integrated Cisco collaboration tools with the most reliable Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIp) technology. 

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