Appellate Expert Dorothy Easley Announces the Release of Third Edition of Treatise: Successful Federal Appeals in All Circuit Courts: A Practical Guide for Busy Lawyers (3d Ed. 2017)

Appellate specialist attorney, Dorothy F. Easley, MS, JD, BCS Appeals, announces the third edition of the appellate treatise titled Successful Federal Appeals in All Circuit Courts: A Practical Guide for Busy Lawyers (3d ed. 2017). The treatise highlights Ms. Easley’s appellate expertise developed over decades to assist other lawyers and educate them about appeals, economizing time, and avoiding appellate landmines.

Based in Miami, Ms. Easley is an award-winning board certified appellate specialist with a national practice and a diverse range of professional and legal experience. Over the course of her twenty-two-plus year career, Ms. Easley has been a leading national figure in appellate law, including federal trademark appeals such as Crystal Entertainment v. Exposé. She currently serves as the President and Supervising Attorney of the law firm Easley Appellate Practice, PLLC where her appellate practice focuses on commercial law, intellectual property, family law, health law, and business torts. Ms. Easley is admitted to practice in every federal appellate Circuit Court of Appeals in the nation, the United States Supreme Court, as well as appellate courts across Florida and the Florida Supreme Court.

This appellate treatise helps busy lawyers learn that everything matters in an appeal, from content to font. The treatise explains: “An appellate brief, when done well, is a comprehensive and powerful advocacy medium. It can change lives, and make the law work better, and help the law run more efficiently and effectively. The appellate courts expect an appellate practitioner to be an expert on his or her appeal at the time the appellate brief is submitted and at oral argument.” This treatise, available at, is the go-to source for both the seasoned appellate practitioner and any lawyer unfamiliar with appellate work.

Contact Info:
Easley Appellate Practice PLLC
​Miami, Florida

​Phone: 800-216-6185

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