APImetrics Launches API.expert to Show Real-Time API Performance Rankings

API.expert provides actionable performance and quality metrics for leading APIs including uptime, quality and regional cross-cloud latency analysis


APImetrics has launched API.expert (https://api.expert), a new service that allows developers to see quantitative performance and availability data for leading APIs without any configuration, the company reported yesterday.

“As API-based services become an integral part of the IT economy, it’s essential for developers to have real, actionable intelligence on how those APIs perform,” said David O’Neill, CEO of APImetrics. “Until now it has been difficult to choose one API over another or understand in real terms what impact your hosting or architecture choices might make.”

The API.expert service features a real-time data on the internet's top brands, how fast their APIs respond from different global data centers, and detailed performance ranking using APImetrics patented CASC (Cloud API Service Consistency) scoring system, which blends multiple critical metrics into a single score out of 1000 that gives a strong indication of the general health and quality of any Cloud API.

“APIs are powering the economy. From travel to banking to home automation, every app and website you use depends on APIs. Developers, their managers, and business owners need to be able to agree on API performance,” O’Neill said. “This is too important to be left as an assumption after the fact.”

“People are building complex, interactive solutions, and it’s possible that services can appear to be working but still don’t perform well for your particular needs. Our focus is in giving stakeholders the tools they need to understand whether one service or CRM performs better than another.”

APImetrics is launching with a free service containing the latest weekly data for leading APIs from top corporate IT providers like Microsoft, Salesforce, Slack and more, as well as leading fintech providers and cryptocurrency exchanges.

A paid version, which will include full access to historical and trend data on a per-API basis, will launch in early 2020.

“The API economy and its success will depend on transparency, and that is what APImetrics is determined to provide,” O’Neill said. “The only way that the eco-system delivers the solutions that everybody is expecting is through total honesty on quality and performance, something that has been lacking for years. With API.expert, we’re putting developers back in control.”

About APImetrics

APImetrics offers the industry’s only intelligent, analytics-driven API performance solution built specifically for the enterprise. By interfacing with all current and legacy API protocols, APImetrics helps CIOs, customer success teams, developers and vendors know if their APIs are performing as designed and meeting the quality levels they expect. APImetrics is currently being used by a variety of companies, including Microsoft, Philips Signify, leading global banks and mobile telephone carriers. The company is headquartered in Seattle, WA. More information is available at APImetrics.io.

​​CONTACT: DAVID O’NEILL | +1 206 9721140 | david@apimetrics.com

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