APImetrics Announces New Monitoring Product for Postman APIs


APImetrics has launched a new monitoring service for Postman users, the company announced yesterday.

“We are very excited to launch this product, which will allow users of Postman to monitor global API performance without having to do any configuration at all,” said David O'Neill, CEO of APImetrics.

Utilizing the Postman Newman runtime system, users can now monitor and track the performance of their APIs directly from their Postman collections externally from more than 40 worldwide locations on the world’s three major clouds: AWS, Azure and Google.

“This is the first time a third-party product has been launched to help Postman users monitor APIs from such a broad base of cross-cloud data centers and in such a standardized way,” O'Neill said.

With zero configuration required, this means developers can, for the first time, go directly from a collection in Postman to worldwide performance monitoring.

The APImetrics product provides notifications and alerts on performance, pass/fail and other data points like quality via Slack, PagerDuty, OpsGenie, and related DevOps tools, as well as integrated, real-time public dashboards. For highly regulated fields such as Open Banking and PSD2, APImetrics offers pre-packaged, regulator-ready reports that can be sent directly to banking regulators worldwide. APImetrics is also adding modules to track live API usage combined with synthetic calls for highly accurate performance and availability statistics.

“Our users wanted complementary monitoring and scoring capabilities with their existing Postman API Collections," O'Neill said. “This new integration removes that barrier and allows organizations to go straight from their collection to monitoring, alerting and reporting seamlessly.”

Postman CEO and co-founder Abhinav Asthana said, “We are very pleased to partner with APImetrics. Postman’s collaborative platform simplifies building APIs and working with APImetrics to monitor API performance globally offers a natural extension of capabilities for our users.”

The APImetrics integration is available for immediate use for any premium Postman account and APImetrics is offering discounts on its standard SaaS packages for Postman users.

About APImetrics

APImetrics offers the industry’s only intelligent, analytics-driven API performance solution built specifically for the enterprise. By interfacing with all current and legacy API protocols, APImetrics helps CIOs, customer success teams, developers and vendors know if their APIs are performing as designed. Monitoring is supported by analytics and fully customizable downtime alerts to deliver the actionable intelligence needed by the enterprise to meet SLAs (service level agreements) and customer expectations. APImetrics is currently being used by a variety of companies, including Microsoft and Signify, leading global banks, and mobile telephone carriers. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. More information is available at APImetrics.io.

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