Public Policy Regulatory Alliance Reports Another Strip Club Unfairly Implicated in Neighborhood Crime; When Do Facts Actually Matter?

Studies show definitively that crime-prompted calls for police at convenience stores far outnumber those by topless clubs, despite the common misconception nightclubs generate violent crime.

​​​Violence in Phoenix occurs at disproportionate rates based upon zip code. While many business owners are cognizant of this fact, Phoenix governance in general seems disinclined to address the problem as a whole. Misreporting of criminal activity in the community, as with the recent murder of a young rapper, does little to help matters. In this case, because the man had patronized a nightclub, Jaguars, prior to his death, the tragedy was tacitly implied to be linked with his choice of venue earlier that evening.  The media is complicit in this reporting.  They understand that sex will always sell and seem to look for ties to the adult entertainment industry for more attention-grabbing headlines. 

Such misreporting unfairly associates nightclubs with violent behavior and crime. Recently compiled crime data supports the findings of a study conducted in the past, Adult Business Study-Impacts in Late Evening/Early Morning Hours, by Phoenix City Council which revealed convenience stores and grocery stores experience far greater levels of violent criminal activity necessitating law enforcement attention than do adult oriented nightclubs.

"Reporting on violent incidents too often avoids mention of surrounding crime rates, especially if there is a nightclub nearby to absorb the blame."

Rebecca DeVaney, Executive Director, Public Policy Regulatory Alliance

When asked for comment, Executive Director of the Association of Club Executives (ACE) Arizona Chapter Public Policy Regulatory Alliance Rebecca DeVaney noted, "Reporting on violent incidents too often avoids mention of surrounding crime rates, especially if there is a nightclub nearby to absorb the blame."

Members of ACE within the nightclub community are uniquely acquainted with the challenges and importance of safeguarding a business establishment.

Jaguars is no exception. Jaguars' focus on security is necessary in large part because of where the club operates--in a notoriously crime-ridden section of town. And in looking more closely at the young rapper's recent death mentioned above, it is important to note that, one, the violence did not occur in Jaguars or on the nightclub premises, and, two, the shooter was at no point a patron at the nightclub that evening. It stands to reason that any attempt at violence within the club would almost certainly have been met with failure due to the high level of security in place.

"You look at widespread impoverishment and the lack of time and resources directed to that problem," notes DeVaney, "and you realize the Westside will continue to experience high crime, despite Jaguars' presence rather than because of it." As industry leaders point out, patrons are safer in their local gentlemen's club than at the gas station around the corner. Facts stand in support of that position.

Source: Public Policy Regulatory Alliance