Anonabox Launches Three New Privacy Products & Partners With HideMyAss! to Use Their HMA! VPN Pro Service

Privacy device developer revamps website, announces strategic partnerships and secures large Global distributor for allocation of all devices.

​​​​Eleven months after introducing the original Tor privacy router, Anonabox is adding three new devices, each offering the user upgraded security capabilities and unique features, including an Admin Interface. The new devices (designated Tunneler, Fawkes and Anonabox PRO) can now be pre-ordered on the updated Anonabox website. The Anonabox Original is also still available at a discounted price.

Additionally, Anonabox has reached a unique partnership with HideMyAss! to use their HMA! VPN Pro services, providing an increased layer of privacy, encryption and anonymity. Anonabox has also reached an agreement with one of the top distributors of tech products in preparation for mass distribution of all Anonabox devices. 

“We’re very excited to roll out the next generation of Anonabox,” said Anonabox CEO Marc Lewis. “Data privacy and security is on the minds of individuals, families and businesses, we feel everyone has the right to keep their information secure.”

Nearly a year after making headlines with a fully funded campaign on Indiegogo, Anonabox heard from its supporters and critics alike, and listened. The company has also contracted with a legend in the tech community who is currently vetting all Anonabox devices which will be announced sometime in October. The internal changes, third party code audits and updates help to make the new devices faster and more reliable, while maintaining its original appearance and travel-friendly size.

“We wanted our customers to know that we listened to them,” said Anonabox developer August Germar. “Through all of the improvements and different options, there will be something for everyone.”

Each new privacy product is unique, and work on desktop, mobile or tablets, giving the end user the freedom to choose which router is right for their wants and needs. 

  • Fawkes is the upgraded Original Tor router included with admin interface, WiFi uplink and the ability to change your password and SSID.
  • Tunneler is a configurable password-protected VPN router that includes WiFi uplink, HMA! VPN Pro service and features an Admin Interface.
  • The top-of-the-line Anonabox PRO features an upgraded CPU, RAM and Flash, a USB port for filesharing, as well as VPN capabilities, Admin Interface and WiFi uplink with range extender.

A complete comparison page for all four devices can be found here.

The new devices are currently available for pre-sale and the original device can be purchased now with immediate shipping on the updated website. All four devices will ship internationally, and Anonabox expects to begin shipping the new products out within 30-45 days.

For more information, contact Marc Lewis at, or for media outreach contact Sean Murphy at

About Anonabox

Anonabox Privacy Routers bring a robust layer of anonymity, encryption and privacy to your web browsing by routing your Internet traffic over the Tor network or via personally configured or built in VPN services. These devices allow for easy access to the deep web and let you add your own personal VPN, HMA! VPN Pro services or other third party VPN providers. To learn more about Anonabox, visit our website, or search Anonabox on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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