Portable Privacy Champion Anonabox's 'Project Blue' Soars to Funding by More Than 350 Percent

Indiegogo campaign benefits legendary 'phone phreaker' John Draper as he completes his autobiography

For the second time in as many Indiegogo campaigns, Anonabox has far surpassed its fundraising expectations. Project Blue, a fundraising campaign benefiting famed programmer/hacker John Draper, is currently more than 350 percent funded, with 25 days remaining.

Campaign perks include a limited edition blue Anonabox PRO VPN and Tor router, battery pack, and functional whistle that doubles as a USB drive. Proceeds from Project Blue benefit the 72-year-old Draper (also known as “Captain Crunch” or “Crunchman”), as he co-writes his autobiography with Craig Wilson.

Anonabox, the leading Tor and VPN brand, set its monetary goal at a modest $7,500. This was eclipsed in the first five days, and was doubled within nine days. In every sense of the word, Anonabox considers Project Blue a success.

“We’re aware the Crunchman has a loyal following, and the early success of our campaign proves how far his influence reaches,” says Anonabox VP of Operations Alan Burwell. “We’re grateful for Project Blue’s early backers, and we have a few other very special perks to introduce in the coming weeks.”

Campaign contributions have come from as far away as Iceland, Hong Kong and The Netherlands, underscoring Draper’s global impact on technology and computing. Draper’s influence in early counterculture and computer hacking circles remains legendary. His work with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in the 1970s led to the genesis of Apple Computer.

Draper is best known for the 1971 discovery that blowing a toy whistle from a box of Cap’n Crunch cereal could open up phone lines for free long-distance calls.

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Anonabox privacy routers provide a robust layer of anonymity and privacy to web browsing by routing Internet traffic over the Tor network or via built-in VPN services (Virtual Private Network). These measures cloak the user’s IP address and location, allow the user to easily access the Deep Web, bypass censorship, and much more. To learn more about Anonabox, visit our website, or find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.​


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Anonabox Privacy Routers bring a robust layer of anonymity and privacy to your web browsing by routing your Internet traffic over the Tor network or via built in VPN services. Easily access the deep web, bypass censorship and much more.

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