Announcement of January 2016 Online Webinar for "Massive Business Visibility" With Shirlene Reeves

Shirlene Reeves, CEO of Maximize Your Wealth Now, announces her "Massive Business Visibility" Online Webinar with Group Lab Coaching starting Thursday January 28th, and is an 8-week program for entrepreneurs desiring greater marketing exposure for their business on web media.

​Looking for a bigger market for one’s business?  Shirlene Reeves, Founder and CEO of Maximize Your Wealth Now, announces her “Massive Business Visibility” Online Webinar with Group Lab Coaching starting Thursday, January 28th, at Noon.  This is an 8-week program designed for entrepreneurs seeking greater visibility in today’s global business as a celebrity guest expert on web TV.

As a Certified Financial Educator, Shirlene has spent years researching why entrepreneurs and small business owners fail to make enough money to stay in business.  They are certainly talented and knowledgeable enough.  Many of them have an awesome mission and a knowing that they are here on earth to leave a legacy for those that follow.  But how can they leave a legacy of information if no one can find them?

“I believe one reason small businesses fail is because they are playing way too small, working only within their own communities.  In today's world we need to play bigger, much bigger,” says Shirlene.  “We need Massive Business Visibility to get ahead and stay in the forefront of our over-saturated information age.  We need to learn how to stand out in the crowd and the Celebrity Guest Expert TV Training Online Classes teach you how to show up in a big way.”

If one is starting over after age 40 or has been in business for a few years, it is time to make the leap into becoming a big player.  Then get ready for Massive Business Visibility and the information this class will bring to light.  One’s confidence will soar and people will love stepping onto the red carpet as a new graduate and announcing their specific area of expertise proudly to the Worldwide Web.

In today’s world the bigger one’s visibility, the more credible one becomes.  It is the true essence of showing up for what one believes in and a universal reward for all of the struggles one has experienced throughout life here in earth school.

Shirlene adds, “I believe that if we play bigger and become Massively Visible, others will benefit from our vast experience and knowledge.  And we will benefit with Massive Income simply because those who need us will see who we are, hear our message and reach out for our support.  But we need to know how to make that happen.”

So many entrepreneurs are so ready and so well prepared to go big.  They know exactly who they are and what they are here on earth to do.  They have a mission and a big message to share but they are feeling STRESSED and OVERWHELMED because what they are doing now just isn't working well, in spite of all of their efforts.

A Course in Miracles says that “…we are here to learn our soul's lessons, through the experience of our challenges, and then share our experiences and successes with others to assist them in developing their own soul's growth.”  This is the purpose of the Celebrity Guest Expert Workshop Series that begins on Thursday, January 28th at Noon.  Learn more about what this 8-week workshop, designed for entrepreneurs, can do for one’s business by going to ‎or for more information, contact Shirlene at


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