AMPAC USA Launches Portable Solar Power Water Filtration System for This Holiday Season

JB-1 Product Launches by AMPAC USA: The JB-1 Solar Powered Portable Water Purification System is a highly mobile, rugged water filtration and decontamination unit, designed for service in tough conditions

Ampac USA Solar Power Filter Model JB-1

AMPAC USA, a global brand providing Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems, Commercial Reverse Osmosis and Seawater Desalination Systems has recently announced the arrival of its new Portable Solar Power Water Filtration System for this holiday season. The timing of this launch is crucial because AMPAC wants to start the trend of gifting water purification products, which translates to good health, to loved ones during the holidays. The product is available for sale now, and one can buy it at the official website of the company.

Talking about the need to invent it, Sammy Farag, the CEO of AMPAC USA, said, “We created AMPAC USA Solar Power Filter Model JB-1 because we wanted to help people seeking pure reverse osmosis water in tough conditions, be it army troops deployed in a faraway nation or the manager of an oil extraction project working in a remote location where pure water is often a treasure. This product is also perfect for use in emergencies and disasters when water often becomes as precious as diamonds. With this product, anyone can get pure water in bulk, store it and use it whenever one wishes. It is also very lightweight and easy to move from one place to the other because even one person can do it on his or her own.”

When everyone has access to safe water, the world can smile.

Sammy Farag, CEO of AMPAC USA

Sharing details on the working of the system, Farag said, “AMPAC USA Solar Power Filter Model JB-1 meets the most basic water purification process, i.e., transforming contaminated water to safe, healthy and clean water. It can process up to 100 gallons of water in a day. One can use it for 8 hours, seven days a week without any issues. You can also be sure that 99.99 percent destruction of virus, bacteria and protozoan cyst is done every time without fail.”

Highlighting the affordability factor, the CEO of AMPAC USA added, “You don’t need to worry about the cost factor with this product. It might seem like a huge investment in the beginning, but it will start paying off for that investment because you can easily get one gallon of filtered water at any place you want, and it will cost even less than a penny for each gallon.”

Portable water purification has been a vital need for troops who go to a war zone and this new invention by AMPAC USA seems to be just the right answer. Elaborating on its key features, Farag said, “This product is designed for Surface Water Applications, and its design is in line with military specifications. It’s quite rugged which implies that it will last long even when it has to deal with even the harshest elements and terrains.”

Maintenance often becomes a problem for people who buy heavy-duty and large water purification systems. For people who have dealt with such issues in the past, AMPAC USA Solar Power Filter Model JB-1 is the perfect option. Explaining this, Farag said, “We understand that when you are in the war zone or a remote work location, you can’t be bothered to clean the water purifier or spend much time in its maintenance as you will have other important priorities. This is why we have added Quick Disconnect Filters to this useful device. These easily detachable filters would make maintenance activity a breeze and ensure that you get done with this chore quickly and efficiently.”

As fuel consumption and environmental protection are becoming such hot topics across the globe, AMPAC USA has invested heavily in creating only the most environment-friendly products and AMPAC USA Solar Power Filter Model JB-1 seems to be an example of that. It comes with a solar battery that can purify water with the help of some sunlight and ensure that people working in areas where there is no power can get pure water in a hassle-free manner too.

Stressing on this critical feature, Farag said, “No fuel clean drinking water is a necessity in emergencies, calamities or war situations as no one can be bothered to find a power source. Keeping that in mind, we have designed this new product so that anyone can get pure water even in most distressed conditions.  Please note that the solar batteries don't come with the product and you will need to ask specifically for their addition if you think you can use them. Our team will be happy to include them before dispatching the product to your location.”

Mentioning why AMPAC USA Solar Power Filter Model JB-1 can be a perfect holiday gift, the CEO of AMPAC USA said, “This amazing product should be on your list of holiday gifts because it’s highly useful and keeps your family members, troops or employees healthy. What better gift can you think of than pure water, often considered as a promise of good health, to the people you care about?”


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