AMPAC USA Launches a New Line of Forward Osmosis Water Treatment Units

AMPAC USA has been a pioneer in advanced water purification systems meant for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. The company has 30 years of experience in the treatment industry and has been primarily worked with reverse osmosis systems. The company recently launched a new line of water treatment products that use Forward Osmosis as a stand-alone process or in conjunction with RO. AMPAC USA's CEO explains more about how the products function and some product features.

What is Forward Osmosis

AMPAC USA recently launched a new line of Forward Osmosis treatment products. The company primarily worked with advanced reverse osmosis for water treatment and is now working towards creating a market for the FO process. AMPAC USA’s CEO Sammy Farag elaborates, “It offers more as we venture more into the technology and applications for it. Till now, use of this technology has reaped benefits in R & D and after years of creating prototypes, running pilots we were able to build a line of FO products that can be useful in the industry.”

Forward Osmosis - FO Process

Forward Osmosis is an osmotic process that effects the separation of water from dissolved solutes with a semi-permeable membrane. In contrast to RO, it occurs rather naturally by using a draw solution with predetermined concentration. It is controlled to have more concentration than the feed solution resulting in an automatic osmosis process. Due to this, the process is more energy-saving than RO. It is also known as Engineered or Manipulated Osmosis in the industry. But how do the treatment units work?

Forward Osmosis (FO) Purification Systems

Treatment systems use the process to separate water molecules from dissolved solutes in the feed solution. Experts conducted the most extensive and comprehensive research on the subject to get in-depth knowledge of how to create energy-efficient FO products.

Farag says, “It has proven to be an asset for purification applications like pre-treatment of difficult wastewater, retention of desirable compounds, use desalination for low membrane fouling, application in evaporative cooling towers and more. In fact, we also developed an FO-RO process for treating wastewater coming from cannabis cultivation centers which are a relatively new concept in the field.

Forward Osmosis And Reverse Osmosis

After FO, the draw solution contains dissolved salts with water molecules. “When we put this process through RO, pure drinking water is produced instantly. FO essentially may not be able to remove all the dissolved chemicals, metals, microorganisms and so on,” says Farag. “For this, treatment with RO is more than enough, it removes almost 100% of the remaining contaminants.”

This way, the RO process becomes more efficient as FO protects the membrane from constant fouling and because the draw solution can be used again, it’s a sustainable process. This combination is applied in treating wastewater from cannabis cultivation centers for whom, the wastewater discharge guidelines are stringent.



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