AMPAC USA Highlights the Need for Offshore Watermakers in Oil and Gas Industry

The CEO of AMPAC USA has highlighted the need for offshore watermakers in the Oil & Gas industry. The CEO talked about the main pain points faced by the industry, such as the rising need to extract more from existing reservoirs, the need to go farther when exploring new sources, and the demand for using wastewater treatment systems to be more environmentally friendly. The CEO has also shared viable solutions to these problems and stressed how offshore watermakers by the company could be a good choice.

Oil and gas Industry

AMPAC USA, a renowned provider of water purification systems, has highlighted the need for offshore watermakers in the Oil & Gas industry. The CEO of the company, Sammy Farag, talked about the water-related challenges faced by the industry and how AMPAC USA’s systems can help to mitigate those challenges. 

Sharing the first challenge, the CEO said, “The discoveries are moving farther offshore than ever before. Hence, there is an increasing need for offshore watermakers that work in the remotest areas or far off in a sea. AMPAC USA’s products can meet this need. Our products are quite space-savvy, and their performance is not compromised even in compact locations, thanks to the high-pressure booster pumps we have designed.”

Mentioning another challenge, he said, “The focus on rising production from existing reservoirs is also higher than before. So, there is a need for watermakers that produce water in bulk to meet those needs. AMPAC USA’s Off-Shore Sea Water Desalination Watermaker SW10K-C1D2 and Off-Shore Sea Water Desalination Watermaker SW20K-Class1-Div2 are viable options as they have the capacity of producing 10,000 GPD (gallons per day) or 20,000 GPD (gallons per day) respectively. 

Revealing another challenge, Sammy Farag stated, “The pressure to opt for wastewater management to manage environmental footprint is also rising. As water treatment in deeper waters can be very expensive, AMPAC USA’s wastewater treatment systems have become a necessity. The treated water can be used for cleaning and sanitation purposes.”

Explaining the challenge of finding durable systems, he said, “In Oil & Gas industries, the work conditions can be quite unfavorable. So, companies seek our durable, offshore watermakers that can be configured to explosion-proof Class 1 Div. 1 & Class 1 Div. 2 standards.”

Emphasizing the commitment to deliver class workmanship, he said, “In demanding industries like Oil & Gas, AMPAC USA always provides watermakers that are a result of class workmanship. All the products are designed and engineered by highly experienced, skilled professionals whose workmanship is unique.”

In conclusion, the CEO said, “It should be evident by now that AMPAC USA provides world-class offshore watermakers that can meet the rising challenges in the Oil & Gas industry flawlessly. It is the reason why many giant global players in the industry trust our watermakers over and over again. We customize these systems to meet the needs of specific clients to enhance their satisfaction with each product.”



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