AMPAC USA Gets Overwhelming Response at the Water Expo 2019

AMPAC USA participated in the Water Expo 2019 held in Miami last month. The convention saw participants from over 40 countries indulging in discussions revolving around water technologies, reverse osmosis, water administration, and management. AMPAC USA CEO Sammy Farag spoke at the convention about the benefits of packaged reverse osmosis. The expo saw huge response from many buyers, dealers, distributors, experts, and potential consumers.

The Water Expo Miami 2019

​Recently, AMPAC USA participated in the Water Expo held at the end of August in Miami. The convention was a way for experts, buyers, distributors, and dealers to meet for opportunities in water technologies and it saw a huge response. Participants came from over 40 countries with experts for discussions and education on upcoming water technologies, administration, and management.

This is a very good venture I feel,” says Sammy Farag, CEO of AMPAC USA. “For the longest time, businesses and institutions have been working independently to achieve the same goal: optimal and unparalleled water technology. What could not be achieved then can be done now. With input from experts we otherwise don’t meet, the convention was enlightening for everyone.”

This actually seems to be the case as the expo had so much to offer.

The Water Expo

One of the biggest reasons for the convention’s success it seems is that it was more than relevant in the present. The country has been facing a lot of problems relating to water safety, security, and accessibility. For such a time, the Water Expo is a boon because it allows even an individual to learn more about how their family can have water security despite irregularities in the supply. Considering the water tension the U.S. is facing with respect to quality, the Water Expo was the need of the hour. For participants especially, it was a great platform to:

  • Learn about new innovations, treatment systems, and water equipment.
  • Learn more about the latest Reverse Osmosis R&D in water infrastructure.
  • Meet major suppliers, get the best deals and increase professional value.
  • Network with peers in the industry and make new contacts with representatives.
  • Visit companies with a wide range of products that could be needed.

Water education is very important for everyone today. It is an acquired knowledge that can help prevent tragedies before it is too late. Its importance remains the same for both the government and the public, which is why the Water Expo is an amalgam for both,” said Farag.

And the expo did see a response of participants from all walks of life with just one common goal of water education. For AMPAC USA, it was more than just a platform for learning.

Response at the Convention

AMPAC USA has been in the water treatment business for 30 years and has been striving to create advanced technologies in accordance with the changing times. For Farag, it was time to share what he had learned in all his years of experience.

Packaged Reverse Osmosis is undoubtedly one product commercial brands can easily rely on for their needs,” says Farag. “We have seen over the years that water can be a difficult aspect to deal with when the product offered by a brand requires it as a raw material. Filtration and purification are very crucial or it can cost companies business. This is why I chose it as the topic for discussion at the expo.

Farag was a guest speaker at the convention and spoke on the benefits of packaged reverse osmosis which was very well received by the audience. He was one of the many speakers that also included John Sullivan, Country Manager, Bucher Municipal (NC); and Sebastian Ortiz, Consultor international and Coordinator del European Portable Sanitation Group. AMPAC USA also had a booth at the convention that saw an overwhelming response from dealers, distributors, and buyers.

AMPAC Feels Grateful

We were very glad to share some of our latest products. Due to the nature of our business, it is difficult to choose one particular product virtually. This convention was helpful as live demos were very persuasive for many. One has to acknowledge the difference between virtual photos and actual demo of a product, especially for bigger products like ours,” adds Farag.

Due to the big response the company received at the convention, AMPAC felt more than grateful for the support they received.

Farag said, “We spent hours at a stretch happily discussing our products, their technologies and uses with the participants that visited the company booth as well as those who approached me after the sessions. It was very enlightening as we got to learn more and we could share our innovation, too. It felt like a very immersive, healthy and educating environment for water technologies like reverse osmosis and seawater desalination. We couldn’t be more thankful to everyone who participated with us and supported our work.”

Farag is already looking forward to the convention in 2020 where the crowd would be bigger and better. The Water Expo 2019 was the eighth edition and was held in Miami Aug. 28-29, 2019.


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