AMPAC USA Announces Amazing Discounts on Reverse Osmosis 1,500 to 10,000 GPD Range for the Holiday Season

Ampac USA First Time Announces 10% Discount on Seawater Desalination. Hurry up to buy your one.

10% Discount on Products range from 1500 GPD to 10,000 GPD

AMPAC USA, a leading manufacturer of home reverse osmosis, commercial reverse osmosis and industrial reverse osmosis systems has recently announced a lucrative deal for its commercial customers. The discount is valid for the holiday season and AMPAC USA has highlighted the key reasons why it’s a worthy deal.

Sharing the details of the deal, the CEO of AMPAC USA said “We are offering 10 percent discount on all products that belong to the reverse osmosis 1,500 to 10,000 GPD range. The discount will be applicable from 20th December 2017 and will last until 5th January 2018. It covers two major events of the year, the Christmas and the New Year. The aim of launching this deal is that we want companies to invest in better reverse osmosis systems this Christmas/ New Year so that they can give the gift of good health to their employees and clients by using contamination free water in production as well as on-site consumption of staff members. Our aim is also to help new customers connect with AMPAC USA and please the existing ones.”

Explaining that AMPAC USA is committed to meet every need, the CEO of AMPAC USA said “We create reverse osmosis systems for light and heavy industrial applications. We design RO systems with different capacities because we want every company, be it a small firm or a large industry to get a product they like. Our products are being used in different industries, be it mining or oil & gas and manufacturing to microbreweries. You name it, and we have served it. We have a diverse customer base, and we cater to their water purification needs by creating systems that can handle municipal and brackish water applications.”

AMPAC USA is a trusted name in the water purification industry, taking pride in that, the CEO of AMPAC USA said “Industrialists, business owners, homemakers, and individuals trust our products because they are thoroughly tested, fully assembled and systematically sanitized. A user, even a novice can make these systems ready for full operations by pushing a button. These systems also don’t need anything more than basic utility connections, and it’s the feature which is appreciated in remote areas of the world.”

Elaborating why discount on reverse osmosis 1,500 to 10,000 GPD range by AMPAC USA is a worthy deal for this holiday season, the CEO of AMPAC USA said “These systems are highly reliable, durable and long-lasting. They are so popular that they have become a standard in the water purification industry. These products are a result of 20 years’ experience with the requirements and needs of commercial pure water users. The 10 percent discount amounts to hundreds of dollars in many cases, and such amazing offers are quite uncommon. So, you should seriously invest in them now because it’s the right time for it.”

Highlighting the top product that must be considered by small and medium-sized firms, the CEO of AMPAC USA said “Our Commercial Reverse Osmosis System, APRO3000 with a capacity of 3000 GPD is one of the best value for money product. It can fit in any space, it’s designed for freestanding applications, and it can connect swiftly to tube fittings on all system ports which makes installation and services simpler. It also has state of the art thin film membrane elements that ensure long-term performance and reverse osmosis hydraulic design that makes it look good in any facility.”

Divulging more standard features of APRO3000, the CEO of AMPAC USA said “it has a spin down screen filter with manual flush valve, 4” x 40” FRP pressure vessels, horizontal multi-stage high-pressure jet pump, 3 count stainless steel liquid-filled pressure gauges, 4” x 40” TFC membrane element, 2½” x 20” big blue sediment pre-filter 20 micron and 2½” x 20” big blue sediment pre-filter 05 micron. Users will also like stainless steel system pressure control, permeate and concentrate flow meters, inlet solenoid valve with bypass and stainless steel recycle pressure valve. It has a complete panel for easy controls, low pressure cut off pressure switch and on/off main power switch. What makes this model look stunning and remain solid is powder-coated, welded aluminum frame with an aluminum diamond plate.”

Talking about the expectations from the holiday season sale of the year, the CEO of AMPAC USA said “We are hopeful that such huge discount will tempt commercial and industrial clients to seek us out and boost their business along with boosting our sales. As AMPAC USA is committed to quality, we will continue to innovate in 2018 by bringing technology and innovation together to create user-friendly products.”

Shoppers who plan to take advantage of this exceptional deal will need to act fast as the sale is on for a couple of days only or until the stocks last. There is no need to apply any coupons to avail the discount so hurry and make the purchase decision soon.


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