AMP Recover and Guillaume Dumont, MD, Strike the Right Balance of Onsite & Offsite Digital Care Management

Guillaume Dumont, MD, MBA of Prisma Heath and University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Expands His High-Tech, Patient Experience and Outcomes-Focused Philosophy with AMP Recover

AMP Recover, the industry-leading digital healthtech platform for orthopedic rehabilitation and musculoskeletal care, announced today another sector partnership led by Guillaume Dumont, MD, MBA at Prisma Health Orthopedics. 

Dr. Dumont will utilize AMP Recover's patient application and clinical business intelligence solution to evolve their hybrid care delivery capabilities. All facets of rehabilitation, from sports medicine to total joint replacement, will be addressed in the AMP platform. The platform will also feature injury prevention and musculoskeletal wellness programs. 

"It's evident that meeting patient consumers where they are in terms of access, convenience, location and safety is the mainstay of quality care. Even pre-pandemic, it was becoming clear that we should incorporate technology to improve patient care via digital automation, remote patient monitoring and real-time patient feedback, regardless of that patient's location," Dr. Dumont said. 

"AMP will modernize our pre- and post-operative playbooks from educational resources and program delivery, to home exercise video prescriptions, to HIPAA compliant messaging. Ultimately, the partnership will enable further practice efficiency, produce layers of data for decision making, and enable an optimal patient experience expected by all of our consumers," he continued. 

"It's an exciting time for AMP and our specific commitment to the orthopedic field," said AMP Recover CRO Richard Walsh. "We understand the sensitivities and responsibilities of today's high-performing care delivery settings in respect to becoming data-driven, patient-centric and indeed focused towards the clinical outcome. We also understand the competitive landscape around patient satisfaction and retention and feel privileged that our health tech addresses all of these growing needs."

The AMP Recover platform leverages digital and mobile technologies to virtually deliver high-quality orthopedic rehabilitation. By engaging patients in their recovery and continually monitoring their progress throughout the episode, caregivers receive actionable insights that enable timely interventions and, ultimately, help achieve positive outcomes. With a constant connection between patients and their care teams, healthcare organizations improve patient satisfaction while reducing costs, creating value for all stakeholders.

Source: AMP Recover