Amidst the Controversy, Delves Deep to Find the Truth About PureVPN

PureVPN is based in Hong Kong, with satisfied customers all over the world. However, the company became the brunt of serious criticism from privacy-advocates and users following the controversy that transpired in 2017. Since then, PureVPN has responded with an admirable stance. reached out to the company's CEO to clarify the issue that put the company in serious trouble.

PureVPN is one of the pioneers of the VPN industry, with the company founded in 2006 in Hong Kong. Since then, PureVPN has come a long way, adding new features, incorporating more servers and expanding its geographical reach across the globe. conducted this in-depth PureVPN review to assess the overall performance of the service, critically reviewing every component and feature of the VPN.

PureVPN has recently introduced several changes in its VPN. For instance, it had 750 servers until a few weeks ago. However, this server list has jumped from 750 to 2,000. As a VPN with the widest geographical coverage of its servers in more than 140 countries, no other VPN comes close to PureVPN in terms of server locations.

Another recent change is the money-back guarantee, which was previously valid for only seven days. Users can now avail the money-back guarantee for 31 days. There are only a few VPN providers in the market that offer a month-long refund. As such, this is a great step taken by PureVPN to encourage users to try out its impressive range of features.

The one feature that specifically highlighted as a USP of PureVPN is split-tunneling. Using split-tunneling, users can control which sites and services they wish to route through the VPN-protected servers while leaving other sites untouched by the VPN. This pioneering technology was first unveiled by PureVPN but now has been replicated by competitors as well.

However, all these positive attributes of PureVPN were overshadowed following the controversy it was embroiled in last year. notes how the issue put PureVPN on a moral dilemma where it was likely to receive criticism no matter how it chose to act.

Some issues assume a seriousness greater than online privacy when human rights might be at stake. The incident was more a case of protecting a human being from cyber-stalking than the invasion of privacy on the part of PureVPN.

The CEO of PureVPN responded to regarding the issue and how the company handled the situation. He categorically stated that PureVPN has always prioritized the privacy of users, but following the controversy, it faced backlash from the community. To balance the approach, PureVPN consulted with a team of experts and legal advisors to revamp its privacy policy. The introduction of GDPR also aided their cause, as they were able to add more transparency to their operations.

Concerning the controversy and PureVPN’s response to it, Aazim Akthar, senior editor at, commented, “As a privacy-advocate myself, I strongly condemn any VPN service that goes against its own stated policies and logs user data. However, at the same time, we should acknowledge that it is quite easy to censure a company for acting a certain way in ethically unambiguous situations. There is no simple answer to the question whether a company should violate its privacy policy for the protection of human rights, or put individuals in a jeopardy for the sake of privacy. In my view, the nature of the controversy allows for the benefit of doubt to be granted to PureVPN, especially since it is the only such incident in the company’s history. Also, the fact that the company has shown great character by revising its privacy policy shows PureVPN’s commitment to protecting online privacy.”

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