Allegiance Training to Enhance Customer Service

As in-person marketing professionals, the associates at Allegiance understand the value of customer service. To maintain their high standing in this area, management offers relevant training on an ongoing basis.

“Brand leaders depend on us to build meaningful and lasting bonds with their customers,” said Van, the firm’s director of operations. “We wouldn’t dream of letting them down. It’s not enough to simply make consumers happy, either. We ensure that they remain loyal to their preferred brands, and that they refer their friends, family members, and colleagues as well.”

Van is careful to keep his associates’ customer service skills sharp. He and his fellow leaders have developed a detailed care strategy that directly aligns with the company’s values. The team regularly attends seminars to learn the latest best practices and to hone their approach. As such, customer care is woven into the culture of the firm itself.

"I also recommend that business leaders gather as much information as possible directly from buyers,"

Van , Director of Operations

Allegiance Director Highlights the Need to Assess and Manage Customer Expectations

“At Allegiance, we understand that quality care is more than answering customers’ questions or meeting their needs at the surface level,” Van continued. “Instead, it’s crucial to understand what they expect from us and to balance those expectations with what we can offer.”

According to Van, there are a number of ways to determine what people expect from a company. For instance, he advises checking reviews on Google and Yelp. “Go online and find out what people are saying not only about your brand, but your competition as well,” he stated.

“I also recommend that business leaders gather as much information as possible directly from buyers,” Van indicated. “This means knowing which questions customers ask most, what they enjoy most, or where they report trouble. Patterns and trends will eventually emerge, and you can address them holistically. If you do have trouble determining consumer desires, simply ask. Create a survey, or ask for feedback through e-mail.”

With information about these expectations on hand, the Allegiance director confirmed that associates are better able to offer quality customer care. “Start by prioritizing needs. Identify which you are most prepared to meet, and on which you can make the biggest impact,” he noted. “Develop a strategy to address these priorities. Then delegate tasks to the appropriate people to ensure customer expectations are met.”

“Of course, the usual tenets of customer care should never be neglected,” Van concluded. “Respond to consumers in a timely manner. Be open and honest with people. Avoid making promises you can’t keep. Always follow up with customers. All this is important to guaranteeing a satisfactory brand experience.”

About Allegiance

Allegiance is a premier promotional events firm dedicated to connecting clients with their ideal consumers. By offering exclusive promotional campaigns and generous rewards packages, they ensure that customers receive the best possible service, resulting in incredible loyalty and increased revenues. Their highly-trained team of promotional experts has the skills and knowledge to deliver outreach programs that drive growth, allowing their clients the freedom and confidence to focus on their core business. At Allegiance, their goal is simple: Create meaningful, positive experiences for their team members, clients, and customers.