Allegiance Finds Unique Ways to Give Back

Allegiance’s Director of Operations highlighted a few of the company’s recent giveback efforts in the San Diego area. He also outlined the team-building benefits of working together to support good causes. 

Giving back to the community is a core Allegiance principle. The Director is interested in finding new outlets for their philanthropic efforts, and he recently homed in on a few interesting opportunities. The Director of Operations stated, “Our team has helped a variety of worthy causes in and around San Diego over the last few weeks and we have a few coming up as well. While making a positive impact on people’s lives, we strengthened our personal bonds.”

"While making a positive impact on people's lives, we strengthened our personal bonds."

Allegiance associates supported Meals on Wheels San Diego County by writing Mother’s Day cards for seniors. They also composed greetings for senior veterans on behalf of the organization, which serves an expansive area seven days a week, 365 days a year. “We were honored to help Meals on Wheels do their meaningful work,” the Director added. “The group does so much for our senior citizens and our community as a whole.”

Team members also took the Allegiance spirit of giving into a recent fitness event organized by San Diego Magazine. “We had the chance to check guests into the Sweat San Diego function and help them navigate all the fitness classes being offered,” the Director explained. “Healthy brands and exercise experts from around the country were on hand. It was a great way to share our passion for healthy lifestyles with the citizens of San Diego.”

Sweat San Diego featured a stretching session led by lululemon San Diego, as well as classes in yoga, barre, boot camp, aerobics, and Pilates. Fitness expert Paul Fishman and wellness blogger Tenley Molzahn (a former contestant on “The Bachelor”) also made appearances. There was even an aerialist yoga performance that is still being discussed around the Allegiance office.

The Director described an upcoming giveback pursuit as well. He stated, “Five of our associates will be participating in the Walk to Cure Arthritis fundraiser. We’re looking forward to coming together for yet another good cause and having some fun along the way.”

Allegiance’s Director of Operations on the Team-Building Value of Giving Back

Uniting around common goals is a hallmark of the Allegiance culture. When team members come together to support charitable causes, they create a different type of camaraderie. The Director remarked, “Our associates gain fresh perspectives when they get out of the office and help people in need. They get a feel for how their unique talents can make a real difference in the community while gaining gratitude for what they have achieved.”

A supportive work atmosphere drives Allegiance’s growth, and the environment becomes more empowering after giveback events. “Our people forge deeper connections when they get together to support organizations in this way. They encounter personality quirks and see others express their strengths in new ways than they would normally around the office. From there, it’s easier to combine our diverse attributes and create winning promotions.”

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