AlertNest Gains Momentum With Real-World Approach to Neighborhood Data

App Available on All Platforms Reaches 2.5 Million Unique Viewers Each Month With Straightforward, Unbiased Research and Reports About Crime, COVID-19, Wildfires and Other Major Issues

​AlertNest, Inc. is gaining momentum with its go-to neighborhood app by delivering straightforward unbiased research and reporting across a variety of topics and issues.

"It's almost impossible to find unbiased, well-sourced information in the United States today, whether about COVID-19, urban unrest and riots, other law enforcement actions, and even wildfires," according to Becky Wanta, CEO of AlertNest Inc. (

“At AlertNest, we don't do that,” she continues. “We gather well-sourced data for our core neighborhood map services and provide unbiased reporting and analysis based on this data for all the big, breaking stories.”

Election Campaigns Can Benefit

The benefits of unbiased reporting are of special importance at the moment, Wanta says. “With a Presidential election approaching on Nov. 3, it's essential that candidate campaigns have the latest unbiased data and analysis available to them so that voters can make informed decisions.”

Wanta and AlertNest have thus been reaching out to numerous campaign officials recently to let them know “that in a world of biased, one-sided reporting, we deliver the straight data in an unbiased, straightforward way. I think any major campaign could benefit from working with us.”

Traffic Growing Rapidly

She also points out that AlertNest's approach is paying off, with traffic increasing dramatically in recent weeks, to reach a monthly run rate of 2.5 million unique visitors. “We expect this to continue to grow dramatically,” according to Wanta.

AlertNest began operating late in 2019 and has managed to grow dramatically during all the months of COVID-19 disruption. Its free app is delivered through the web, on mobile devices, and in specially designed iFrames throughout the TV distribution network of Sinclair Broadcast Media Group (

A Comprehensive Approach to Neighborhood Social Apps

The AlertNest map provides comprehensive crime reports throughout the country, along with activities and events, including virtual events. AlertNest recently implemented an e911 service, providing single-click, automatic access to emergency responders. The company is adding alerts from FEMA into the mix as well.

“We're focused on delivering all the information our users demand in neighborhoods throughout the United States,” Wanta says. “We are emerging as the go-to app for people to learn about what's going on in their area and to live their lives with the knowledge they gain from AlertNest.”

“Know your nest. Alert the rest,” Wanta says. “This has been our advice to users from the beginning. We are doing our part by delivering the most comprehensive social neighborhood platform out there, and we continue to build on it.”

Becky Wanta, AlertNest, Inc.
Mobile: (480) 205-7229

Source: AlertNest, Inc.


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