AlertNest Continues to Grow and Influence Users Under CEO Becky Wanta's Leadership

AlertNest, the go-to neighborhood social app and information tool, is continuing to experience rapid, dynamic growth in its user base, unique website visitors, and website page views. It is available throughout the United States on the company's website, Apple and Android mobile apps, and embedded throughout the Sinclair Broadcast Group's family of 190 sites.

Rebecca Wanta

AlertNest, Inc., ( the go-to neighborhood social app and information tool, continues to experience exponential growth early in 2021, according to company CEO Becky Wanta.

"We're on course to have more than 300,000 visitors and 2.5 million page views in January," she said. "Now we're planning to see those numbers grow by 10X soon and continue this dramatic growth throughout the year."

Wanta brings a background as a Fortune 500 Global CIO/CTO and enterprise leader to her work at AlertNest. She says the company's strategic partnership with the largest integrated media company, Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. (SBGI), and its more than 200 million and growing monthly visitors to its family of 190 websites has been invaluable to AlertNest's current and future growth.

"We think about scale at AlertNest, just as my teams and I thought about scale when I was with PepsiCo, Wells Fargo, MGM Resorts International, Best Buy, and others. SBGI is a large media powerhouse in the US, with TV stations across ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and several regional sports networks. As we deepen our relationship with SBGI we will see our dramatic growth continue."

Wanta has focused on building out AlertNest's services over the past 18 months. The company started operations in May 2019 with a focus on neighborhood safety and real-time reporting of incidents of crime searchable by specific street address. She expanded the vision to include a real-time Covid-19 widget that reports down to the county level, local and neighborhood events (which includes an eCommerce service), alerts from key agencies such as FEMA, crawling headlines that emphasize local news, and weather.

AlertNest also implemented an e911 panic button that puts people in direct contact with local emergency services. "The e911 service knows where you are so there's no confusion for responders. There's no need to talk to dispatchers, so whether you're in a bad domestic situation or somewhere else where you need discretion, this service provides that for you," she said.

Wanta brought in an experienced enterprise IT leader from her team at MGM International to head AlertNest's IT infrastructure. The company is all-in with Amazon Web Services (AWS), along with AI functionality developed by a third-party partner that "lets our system learn you," she says. "We maintain the strictest privacy standards regarding our user's information, but our AI learns our user's preferences and habits to deliver the most useful services."

Wanta says AlertNest is continuing to build out services in 2021. "We are on a mission to become the one-stop omni-channel platform our users can depend on to live their lives. Our data and reports are fact-based, and we're now developing more services to inform our users - guide them on trips, for example, or help them evaluate neighborhoods and other potential places to live or open a business." She adds that AlertNest is in discussions about embedding the app and its services into home alert systems, sports and entertainment arenas, information kiosks, and automobiles.

AlertNest Inc. ( began operations in May 2019 as a website service, successfully launched its mobile apps in November 2019, and became embedded throughout the SBGI family of 190 websites in 2020.

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