AIM Capital Ltd. Announces Additional Compliance and Good Governance Standards

AIM Capital

AIM Capital Ltd., a Cyprus-based holding company majority owning EuroChem Group AG and SUEK JSC, announced additional good governance and compliance standards today. 

The company stated that control over EuroChem Group AG and SUEK JSC is exercised by Linetrust PTC Ltd., managed by independent and highly qualified executives of international standing. Strategic and day-to-day management of these companies is carried out by their respective boards of directors and executive management boards.

The Board of Directors of Linetrust PTC Ltd., which ultimately controls EuroChem Group AG and SUEK JSC, is chaired by Mr. Ronald Kenneth Noble, former secretary general of Interpol (2000-2014) and former United States Under Secretary of the Treasury for Enforcement. The board also includes directors Mr. Yiorgos Lillikas and Ms. Irina Loutchina Skittides.

EuroChem Group AG is a top-10 fertilizer manufacturer by volume, one of only three firms worldwide with production capacity in all three primary nutrient groups. SUEK JSC is one of the world's largest integrated energy companies.

Both EuroChem Group AG and SUEK JSC have already taken decisive steps to demonstrate their compliance with applicable sanctions in force today. This is in addition to further enhancements to their compliance strategies, internal control systems, and governance. In particular, the directors of Linetrust PTC Ltd. ensure that (i) the corporate governance for the companies' holding structure is robust and allows them to continue being self-governed, and (ii) the companies' sanctions compliance frameworks operate at the highest international standard.


Source: AIM Capital Ltd.