AG Neovo Launches the TX-4302, a New Interactive Display to Boost Customer Engagement

AG Neovo TX-4302 Through Glass Touch Screen

AG Neovo has launched the new TX-4302, a through-glass touch screen that enables greater customer engagement and allows retailers, restauranteurs and other commercial enterprises to get their message across. The TX-4302 features an Intelâ„¢ SDM slot for media integration and the capacity to support a digital signage player.

The new TX-4302 is a through-glass, 43" touch screen that promotes customer engagement and provides an opportunity for commercial users to promote their goods and services effectively. The interactive display incorporates more features than previously, providing an effective way of enhancing consumer engagement and improving the consumer experience.

Kevin Hsieh, product manager at AG Neovo, said, "Our TX-4302 touch screens are SDM compatible interactive screens, providing a high-calibre, engaging digital signage solution. Ideal for interactive window displays or as a touch table in a restaurant or museum, the TX-4302 adds visual interest and valuable information to the customer experience. The touch through-glass function enables more creative installations, helping to boost customer engagement and, ultimately, increase sales."

The TX-4302 interactive screen supports gesture and multi-touch recognition. The touch setting in "Normal mode" provides 40-point multi-touch gestures, allowing users to swipe, scroll or zoom on the screen. In "Glove mode", the screen can be used through gloves of various sorts (including latex, cotton and leather). The TX-4302 also incorporates a "Through-Glass" touch modality, where the touch screen is mounted behind glass that can be operated with bare fingers.

Durable materials which are impact resistant have been used in the construction of the TX-4302 multi touch screen. The touch-screen has a front side IP65 rating, meaning it's resistant to dust and water. The screen has passed the UL60950 "ball-drop" test and also benefits from 7H tempered glass. This results in a tough, durable item that can withstand tough treatment. The screens are designed for 24-hour, continuous use.

The built-in Intelâ„¢ SDM slot in the TX-4302's multi-touch display unit enables easy connection to a media player, whilst the 5V DC output port can support a digital signage player. Versatile connectivity (including DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI and VGA), as well as easy mounting (the screen is compatible with VESA mounting systems), results in an adaptable screen that works well in a range of settings. 

Cross-platform touch capability is an integral feature of the TX-4302 interactive touch screen. This allows it to operate using Android, Mac OS, Linux and Windows.

AG Neovo is a globally recognised provider of high-grade displays for use by professionals and the commercial sector. With more than twenty years of experience, the company specialises in producing premium displays for use in public spaces.

Like other products in the AG Neovo range, the TX-4302 large format touch screen is designed to bring benefits to customers and commercial enterprises simultaneously. 

For more information about the AG Neovo TX-4302, please view the video here or contact the team at AG Neovo

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