AG Neovo Launches the New PN-Series for Public Video Wall Displays

AG Neovo plans to improve the quality of video wall displays for demanding businesses with their new PN-Series Ultra Narrow Bezel Video Wall Display for professional and commercial environments. These high-end applications are easy to maintain with user-friendly functions and connections.

AG Neovo's new PN-Series video wall display

AG Neovo is pleased to announce their new PN-Series Ultra-Narrow Bezel Video Wall Displays. The PN-Series display creates seamless images through its 55" ultra-narrow 3.5 mm bezel to bezel screens. This results in flexible picture layouts, either landscape or portrait, which suits various content and different applications. The panel surface treatment has 28% haze and contains an anti-reflection coating, which enhances viewer's visibility and text readability.

There is a built-in image enhancer with a 3D comb filter that resolves cross coloring and dot crawl in high bandwidth transmission. In addition, it has a 3D Deinterlace that prevents image aliasing issues, such as blurring and flickering. It has Noise Reduction to reduce signal instability and disturbance, to provide a crystal-clear image.

"Given its ultra-slim bezel design, stunning imaging performance, and exceptional durability, the advanced PN-Series makes a smart choice for building video walls at public places like shopping malls, subway stations, and airports, and in such broadcasting settings as TV studios. At control centers and industrial sites, the advanced PN-Series is also ideal surveillance displays for identifying and containing anomalies among other duties."

 - Jessica Shih, Head of Project Management at AG Neovo 

The PN-Series has an OPS slot, a built-in scheduler, and tiling function that provides easy set-up and maintenance for the displays. The built-in scheduler lets you play content via a USB port. You can create and schedule playlists with playback capabilities, managed by a remote to display content.

The PN-Series are metal-covered displays manufactured for longevity and durability, which works well for 24/7 usage. The display also has a HeatControl sensor that automatically activates internal cooling fans, due to extended usage.

There are additional features that provide stunning visibility, including 500 nits of brightness and an anti-reflective panel. These applications are ideal for large public venues or 24/7 operation control rooms. 

AG Neovo provides DisplayPort daisy-chain looping functionality that delivers video and audio input/output source to the PN-Series video wall displays. This connection also creates an easy set-up, configuration, and maintenance of 2x2 4K video wall display.

The product has other characteristics that make it easy to connect with multiple sources. The PN-Series has versatile connectivity including HDMI, DVI, and VGA.

Look at the new PN-Series Ultra-Narrow Bezel and see how AG Neovo's technology can help your business today:

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