Advanced Plumbing and Rooter Announce Their Success in Receiving Diamond Certification

Advanced Plumbing and Rooter

This month Advanced Plumbing and Rooter of Contra Costa and Alameda Counties California are excited and honored to announce that they have received membership of the Diamond Certified® program. This prestigious certification is only conferred upon the most successful, qualified and capable professionals in a field of practice. As highly skilled plumbers who always seek to maintain the utmost in customer service, the team at Advanced Plumbing and Rooter are esteemed to join the ranks of Diamond Certified plumbers.

The Diamond Certified qualification identifies and rewards professionals who consistently provide the highest quality service and greatest customer satisfaction. The Diamond Certified® qualification process was brought in as a method to independently evaluate and assess local businesses and the services provided by them. The Diamond Certified® qualification only highlights and honors those businesses who receive the most outstanding ratings by their own customers. Because receiving this certification relies on the independent feedback of actual clients, and is not influenced by the receiving company, the Diamond Certified® qualification is greatly respected and trusted by other businesses and customers alike.

In order to receive this award, the team at Advanced Plumbing and Rooter needed to obtain a score of 90 or more out of 100 for customer satisfaction based on an independent survey of a large number of customers who actually used the services of Advanced Plumbing and Rooter. This ensures the evaluation and qualification process is accurate and objective. Advanced Plumbing and Rooter also needed to be identified as providing Helpful Expertise, and were required to be a company that had something special to offer customers above and beyond other plumbers.

Because the Diamond Certified® qualification is always earned on the merit of a company's performance, the Diamond Certified® qualification is a trusted indicator of quality and reliability. Diamond Certification also conveys a number of benefits to the company and its customers as well.

When you choose to work with a Diamond Certified® business, you know you are working with a company that’s rated highest in quality. Furthermore, Diamond Certified® business carry a Performance Guarantee, which means that every customer is guaranteed to receive the standard of quality and care they would expect from a Diamond Certified® business. This offers customers peace of mind and an easier choice when it comes to selecting a business to work with.

The team at Advanced Plumbing and Rooter are delighted to receive the Diamond Certified® status as a reflection of their dedication and hard work. 'We are honored to have received the Diamond Certification,' Bill, the owner at Advanced Plumbing and Rooter reported. 'After a long and meticulous review of virtually every past client, we were accepted to the elite ranks of Diamond Certified businesses! We would like to thank the Diamond Certified organization for giving us this opportunity to shine.' With a proven track record of customer satisfaction and success now endorsed and Diamond Certified®, Advanced Plumbing and Rooter look forward to continuing to provide the highest quality, reliable and friendly plumbing service.

For a Diamond Certified plumber who offers the highest quality service and customer satisfaction, choose Advanced Plumbing and Rooter for your next plumbing job.

Source: Advanced Plumbing and Rooter

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