Accurate Statistics on Iran's Online Market Now Available

Anetwork recently released a sister page of their website to assist interested individuals a look into website traffic rankings. Currently the base of most information in regards to website traffic is attained from Alexa, but as their information is highly limited, the rankings can show high error margins.

With that in mind now helps solve the accuracy problem that many analysts face. Stats’ goal is to share accurate information on the top 100 Iran-based* websites active in the market based on traffic.

The value proposition for the project is that all non-Iranian based websites (example: Google, YouTube, Alibaba, etc) are removed for readers to get a better outlook on the local activity.

An impressive 50% of Iran’s web traffic focuses on news websites. So how does it work and how can you get involved:

Banner Impressions: By using Banner Ad Codes to analyze where advertisers and publishers are gaining the highest impression and the effect it has on their traffic.

Tracking: A specific tracking code that can be shared with business owners to input into their websites to track traffic specifically through Anetwork’s platform.

Ad Exchange: The capability of analyzing impressions through various networks that are connected to an Ad-Exchange in Iran that allows higher accuracy on rankings

Source: Anetwork


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Shayan Shalileh
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