Absolute Consulting Group's Presence Made Known in Dallas

Absolute Consulting Group sent a handful of top producers to Dallas for some networking and R&R. The firm's Managing Director highlighted the benefits of this trip and of networking in general.

“The end of summer is almost here, and I can’t think of a better way to wrap up a great Q2 than with the chance to network with some of the most successful people in our industry,” stated Richard, Managing Director of Absolute Consulting Group. “The Dallas conference is one of the most popular of our travel opportunities throughout the year, and for good reason – it presents a great chance to make contacts with like-minded professionals while also catching our breath before the end-of-year push.”

Richard took several qualifying associates with him to Dallas this year. William, Ian, Duan, Sean, Kyle, and Kain all earned the right to go. These team members have shown promise, and Richard was confident they would appreciate this event.

“Conferences like this provide more than a break from our routines,” Richard shared. “They also remind us what we’re working for. When we meet all these successful professionals and find out more about their backgrounds and what they overcame to get where they are, we realize that we can do what they’ve done. The Dallas trip is an eye-opener for just how much opportunity exists in the field of customer acquisitions.”

Absolute Consulting Group’s Director on the Benefits of Networking

While the Dallas trip provided some well-deserved R&R, by far the most important benefit was the chance to network. These professional relationships are crucial for success, and provide Absolute Consulting Group team members with a variety of advantages.

“When people think of networking, a lot of times what comes to mind first is finding a job,” stated Richard. “This is true and important, but not the only reason to be well connected. For example, having a wide network of industry leaders means that we’re always on the cutting edge of our field. We learn about best practices, new technologies, and the latest demographic trends right away because we have contacts across the world who share that information with us, just as we share it with them when we’re the ones who know something first.”

Another good reason to develop a large network is the number of mentorship opportunities it provides, confirmed Richard. Even when people don’t have as much professional experience, they could still provide relevant career advice, helping others to make smarter choices on their vocational journeys. This applies to Absolute Consulting Group associates as well – by coaching and sharing wisdom where they can, they gain a better sense of their own knowledge and increase their value as connections.

“I’m proud to say that networking skills are a big part of our Absolute Consulting Group training curriculum, and that we take the extra step to help our team members build their networks as well,” Richard concluded. 

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