Absolute Consulting Group Plays Softball for Good Cause

Richard, Managing Director of Absolute Consulting Group, announced that team members played softball at Florence Freedom Ball Park to raise money for the Dragonfly Foundation. He discussed the cause and the firm's philanthropy program.

Knowing that Team Absolute Consulting Group is huge on giving back and that they love to help out in the local community fills Richard, our CEO, with a great deal of pride. When the firm can funnel this passion into a cause that has a positive impact on children and families in need, it’s even more satisfying — and that’s been the experience with The Dragonfly Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting those struggling against pediatric cancer. 

While The Dragonfly Foundation is aware of and committed to the need for support while children are being treated for cancer, it also takes a holistic approach to the impact that such a shocking event can have on the family unit. According to the foundation’s website, “the long-term effects of factors like internal group tension, familial isolation, post-traumatic stress, the anxiety of recurrence, and the emotional, physical and financial toll on the family unit often linger for years, yes years, to come.” According to Richard, any support he and the Absolute Consulting Group crew can offer such a great cause is worth the effort.

How Giving Back Benefits Absolute Consulting Group, Too

While the main point of getting involved with groups like The Dragonfly Foundation is to make a difference, Richard is grateful for the competitive advantages that generosity brings to Absolute Consulting Group. For example, when his team gets out of the office together, they get a chance to relax and connect with one another on a more personal level. Combine this with a fun softball game and the knowledge that they’re making a difference in the lives of pediatric cancer patients, and associates come back to the office feeling more connected to their work than ever before. Team members also build camaraderie with one another when they’re supporting a worthy cause together. This has a strong impact on the feeling of unity and the ease with which collaboration takes place in the Absolute Consulting Group workplace. 

Richard recognized The Dragonfly Foundation softball fundraiser to be a huge success on more than one level and looks forward to the firm’s next giveback event. He and his team are more inspired and energized than ever before to take their careers — and their philanthropy — to the next level.

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