Absolute Consulting Group Will Be Going to Haiti

Absolute Consulting Group's Managing Director discussed an upcoming team trip to Haiti, which is part of the firm's philanthropic mission. He also outlined a few benefits of supporting good causes with colleagues.

Richard, Absolute Consulting Group’s Managing Director, recently announced that top performers and leaders from the company will be taking an impact trek to Haiti in September. The trip, which will be focused on bringing solar energy systems to communities in need of electricity, is just the latest example of the firm’s commitment to making a positive difference in the world. Richard added that the excursion is a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience for those who are chosen to go.

The solar solutions team members will bring to Haiti will fuel all kinds of meaningful improvements. Richard noted that food production, clean water through desalination, and land conservation efforts will all benefit from the kinds of alternate energy sources Absolute Consulting Group promotes. Clean energy innovation will also allow for a better electric infrastructure in Haiti, powering schools, businesses, and emergency services.

Richard explained that top performers within the company will be chosen from now until the end of July. He added that those who are selected will live out the firm’s mission of building purpose, passion, and profit through renewable energy innovation.

Absolute Consulting Group’s Managing Director on the Many Benefits of Team Giving

When members of Team Absolute Consulting Group come together to support a good cause of any kind, they receive a range of rewards. The act of giving back is inspiring, as helping others provides people with a greater sense of purpose. Richard explained that there’s always a buzz around the office after a team giveback event, as well as a heightened sense of engagement. People want to accomplish more than ever before after they see what kind of an impact a successful company can make for those less fortunate.

The firm’s associates also grow closer as people every time they work together to make a positive impact. They learn more about the positive traits and unique talents that make their team so successful. Richard added that this is especially true when a volunteer event involves going to a new place, so the Haiti trip should be a highly rewarding venture in terms of team morale. Being exposed to a new culture while creating meaningful change will lead to even stronger teamwork around the Absolute Consulting Group office.

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