Absolute Consulting Group Talks Hitting and Setting Goals

Leadership at Absolute Consulting Group hit ambitious goals in 2016, and has set loftier ones for 2017. The firm's Director took the time to recognize high achievers in the company and to discuss core values.

“These days, a company can’t hope to maintain the status quo and survive. It has to work hard just to maintain relevance, let alone grow,” stated Richard, Absolute Consulting Group’s Director of Operations. “I don’t know of a better way to encourage growth personally, professionally, or institutionally than by setting goals. Goals act as a compass, pointing out the direction you need to go in order to earn what you want.”

In 2016 Absolute Consulting Group hit a number of important operational goals. Perhaps most importantly, the firm expanded its roster to include two assistant managers, Jacqueline and Nick. Productivity increased along with staff size, and the Director proudly pointed out that diversity levels in the company have never been higher. The organization was also recognized for its community service efforts in the local area, a very personal victory for Richard.

Nick and Jacqueline play a large role in Richard’s plans for 2017 as well. “I really want to see our new assistant managers move into managing their own divisions, and from there open up new offices in the Pittsburgh and New York markets. Jacqueline and Nick are a perfect fit for these plans; they both excel at networking and problem solving, and they know how to bring a team together.” 

Recognition Is a Core Absolute Consulting Group Value

Recognizing key Absolute Consulting Group associates is a vital part of the company culture, according to Richard. On top of just being the right thing to do, showing gratitude for a job well done keeps morale and engagement high, increases productivity, and even lowers turnover. Perhaps most importantly, acknowledging individual achievement positively impacts team performance, because it lets everyone know that the firm is serious about rewarding effort.

“Promotions are one of the most visible and powerful ways we recognize our top producers, but it’s not the only way,” shared Richard. “I think it’s important to say thank you in a variety of ways. For example, a pat on the back in real time is way more powerful than some congratulations down the road, so I try to catch people doing the right thing and make a point of letting them know I appreciate their efforts. On the other end of the spectrum, qualifying team members can earn an all-expenses-paid vacation. There are a few methods I love in between as well, but the point is that Absolute Consulting Group is a company that not only claims to have core values, but acts on them.”

About Absolute Consulting Group

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