Absolute Consulting Group Shares Expertise at Conference

Team members from Absolute Consulting Group recently attended a conference in Philadelphia. Several team members qualified for the trip, and the firm's Managing Director was a guest speaker. He shared some of the benefits of travel.

“I’m really proud of the travel opportunities we’re able to offer our team members,” stated Richard, Managing Director of Absolute Consulting Group. “Not only are trips a memorable way to reward associates for their hard work, but they make amazing development tools as well.”

Most recently, Richard took William, Travon, Ian, Jeffrey, Duan, and Bryce to a weekend conference in Philadelphia, where over 600 industry leaders from across the country met to discuss leadership strategies and the latest techniques in customer acquisition. Richard also represented Absolute Consulting Group as a guest speaker at the event, where he discussed the law of averages and the power of staying positive.

“I really enjoyed the talk that I gave because I was able to present information that I think was very helpful to a lot of people,” Richard explained. “The law of averages is something a lot of people talk about, but it’s not what they think. Gamblers rely on it at the card table, assuming that if they’ve gotten a couple of bad hands they’re due for a good one, but statistically speaking there’s no truth to that. The true mathematical principle is called the law of large numbers, which says that the average results from a large number of trials should be close to what we expect, and the more trials we perform, the closer we get to the desired outcome.”

Richard explained further, saying, “This is where positivity comes in. It takes an open mind-set to keep trying, even when you don’t see the results you’re looking for right away. However, when we know that the more times we try, the more likely we are to succeed, it’s easier to persevere and keep pushing toward our goals.”

Benefits of Attending Conferences for Absolute Consulting Group Associates

There are many reasons that Richard is proud to invest in the Absolute Consulting Group travel program. The most recent trip to Philly was a perfect example. Richard pointed out that he and his team members connected with many top producers from across the U.S., significantly growing their professional networks. At the same time, they received both classroom and practical training in best practices from a variety of markets. Finally, by seeing Richard and other presenters being honored for their success as business leaders, his executives got a chance to see what they could achieve in their career journeys.

“Add the development experiences to the fact that we had a great time, and I’d say this trip was a true success!” Richard said. “I’m already looking forward to the next event, and I’m excited to see who will be traveling with me.”

About Absolute Consulting Group 

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