Absolute Consulting Group Named a Top Place to Work

The Absolute Consulting Group leaders proudly announced that their firm has been named a Top Places to Work for 2016 by the Fair Business Report. The Director discussed the impact of this award.

“There has never been a more exciting time to join Absolute Consulting Group,” declared Richard, the firm’s Director of Operations. “Not only are we representing exciting businesses like Inspire Energy, but our efforts at creating a company culture that energizes and motivates have been recognized as well. We’ve recently received the Top Places to Work award from the Fair Business Report. This achievement, along with the many other honors we’ve received, means that prospects for growth are on the horizon!”

According to their website, the Fair Business Report honors companies like Absolute Consulting Group with the Top Places to Work award when their leaders commit to creating positive and empowering workplaces for their people. What’s more, businesses are required to receive at least 10 positive peer reviews in a calendar year on the FBR website. Among the traits a venture must embody are excellent development options, fair advancement practices, positive feedback, peer recognition, noteworthy coaching relationships, commitment to philanthropy, and an enviable corporate culture.

How Recognition Creates Opportunity at Absolute Consulting Group         

“Whenever Absolute Consulting Group is recognized for being a great business, it creates opportunity,” explained Richard. “Take the Top Places to Work award that the firm just earned as an example. This kind of recognition makes us a more desirable career option for the brightest professionals in the area, and in turn provides us with fresh perspectives and enthusiastic representatives. These things help us exceed expectations, and they support our expansion efforts by leading other company leaders to seek our help in acquiring customers. It’s a positive upward spiral that all starts with creating an environment in which our representatives can thrive.”

Richard is certain that Absolute Consulting Group’s people are vital to the firm’s success, and wants them to have every benefit possible. For instance, there are no jobs at Absolute Consulting Group; there are long-term, fulfilling careers. Every entry-level position comes with a career map that leads directly into upper management, giving everyone the chance to advance as far as they’d like. What’s more, promotions are not based on tenure or popularity, but results. “I’m proud of the way our business is run, and the Fair Business Report has just confirmed my beliefs. We are the premier choice for business-minded professionals in the area.”

About Absolute Consulting Group

Absolute Consulting Group’s team members are the champions of clean energy in Maryland. The firm is the trusted partner of Inspire Energy, and its fresh customer acquisition methods have taken its reputation to new heights of success. This team is known for making it easy for customers and business owners to switch to greener solutions they can afford. Their impact on the planet is evident, and their passion for green energy options is at the heart of all that they do. Keep abreast of their successes by visiting absoluteconsultinggroup.com

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