Absolute Consulting Group Gives Back Through the Jay Fund

Absolute Consulting Group, a leading customer acquisition firm, recently donated $25,000 to the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund. This is one of the company's many activities related to philanthropic giving and community support.

“Our team is committed to sharing our success by helping others in need,” said Richard, Absolute Consulting Group’s Managing Director. “We see it as an honor to be able to raise money for a worthy cause like the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund.”

As Richard explained, the Absolute Consulting Group team selected the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund because of the organization’s support for families with children who are being treated for cancer. “When a loved one is battling a serious disease, especially a child, families are strained in every imaginable way. The Jay Fund is there to help these families financially so that one of the burdens is lessened.”

Richard noted in addition to providing financial assistance and guidance for families with children battling cancer, the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund also offers pathways to life-saving treatment and quality-of-life programs, including helping families make special memories during their difficult times.

“This organization was formed in 1996 by then Boston College football coach Tom Coughlin in memory of one of his players, Jay McGillis, who died of cancer,” explained Richard. “Coach Coughlin formed this organization after seeing the stress that Jay’s family was under and vowed to Be There. Now we’re able as an organization to BE THERE also to help this great cause each and every year.”

Absolute Consulting Group’s Managing Director on Why Giving Back Matters

“It’s been the Absolute Consulting Group mission since the get-go to be part of our community and the world,” Richard said. “We actively seek opportunities to show our support to worthy causes like the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund.”

As Richard noted, there are many ways for companies to give back to their communities. “We chose to raise money for this charity, because that is the type of support they need,” he explained. “Other charitable causes may need support with goods drives or volunteer efforts.”

“The important factor that makes corporate philanthropy work is when everyone on the team is on board,” Richard stressed. “When we are all engaged and energized to give back, the results are pretty awesome.”

“We are happy to be a part of supporting the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund not only because we know we’re helping families in need, but also because we’re doing something as a team that strengthens our bonds,” Richard concluded. “I look forward to this tradition and knowing that together, we made a difference.”

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