Absolute Consulting Group Announces Upcoming Travel

Richard, Absolute Consulting Group’s Managing Director, announced that team members would be selected to attend trips planned in the coming months. He stated that travel is one of the ways in which associates at the firm are recognized.

“It’s always a good thing when our people pack their bags,” said Richard. “If they’ve been given the opportunity to travel, it means they’ve put forth a strong showing in meeting their milestones. Our associates enjoy getting to go to new places.”

Richard noted that there are several key trips scheduled between now and the end of the year for which Absolute Consulting Group associates can qualify. “We’ll have team members attending quarterly conferences in different cities,” he said. “Of course, the two trips everyone is excited about are the rest and relaxation retreats. One will be held in October in the Bahamas while the other takes place at the end of the year in the Dominican Republic.”

To qualify for these exotic trips, Richard explained that associates would need to meet sales goals and be in the top spots in the office. “I am excited to see the outcome of their hard work,” he stated. “It will be great to reward them for all of their efforts.”

In addition to the trips, Richard announced that Absolute Consulting Group would be expanding with a campaign in Ohio at the beginning of July, which would mean a promotion for someone as well. “There are so many more opportunities coming up for our most dedicated individuals to travel and advance to new roles.”

Absolute Consulting Group’s Managing Director Discusses Benefits of Team Travel

As Richard stated, Absolute Consulting Group offers many travel rewards throughout the year. “It’s an unusual benefit that the majority of companies today no longer promote,” he stated. “We recognize how valuable it is to offer our associates something tangible to work toward that’s exciting and different.”

Richard shared that when team members travel together, it furthers their bonds. “It’s a completely different situation when you’re traveling with people from your company,” he explained. “In an office setting, it’s probable that everyone will relate to each other based on their specific functions. Traveling breaks down barriers and allows us to learn significantly more about each other as unique individuals with diverse interests and backgrounds.”

“Traveling also helps young professionals develop confidence in their abilities, as well as cementing their passion for their careers by introducing them to new experiences,” Richard added. “The networking opportunities are phenomenal.”

“We encourage our associates to qualify for at least one or two trips a year,” he concluded. “Even if they’re attending a conference, they’re getting out-of-office experience that will benefit them later.”

About Absolute Consulting Group:

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