AA Accident Attorneys Weighs in on When to Seek Medical Care Following a Car Accident

Is it always necessary to seek medical attention following a car accident — even if drivers do not believe they are injured? AA Accident Attorneys, a leading personal injury firm in Newport Beach, weighs in.

Being involved in an auto accident can obviously lead to significant injury. In some cases, though, motorists may walk away from the accident unharmed, or with only a few minor scrapes and bruises. In these cases, it may be tempting to think that no medical attention is necessary — but is that prudent? The Newport Beach car accident lawyers from AA Accident Attorneys weigh in.

“It’s great if you walk away from the accident feeling perfectly fine — but we still recommend seeing your doctor or going to the nearest urgent care facility as soon as possible,” AA Accident Attorneys states. “The reasons for this are several. First and foremost, it allows the doctor to check you out for any unseen injuries. You may be injured and not know it.”

You may be injured and not know it.

AA Accident Attorneys

Indeed, many car accident injuries do not present themselves right away. Some may not be evident until weeks later. Seeing a doctor allows for prompt and proactive medical care, possibly averting a larger issue down the road. “Ultimately, seeking prompt medical attention is a fairly easy way for you to safeguard against more complicated medical needs later on,” AA Accident Attorneys states.

Another reason to seek medical care right away is that it ensures a stronger insurance claim — and safeguards that insurance claim against legal challenges. “You have to prove to your insurance company that you have done everything within your power to get well and to make a total recovery,” comments AA Accident Attorneys. “That means seeking medical attention. It means following any of the doctor’s orders, such as doing physical therapy — again, even if you don’t feel like you ‘need it.’ And it means going to any follow-up appointments that are recommended.”

Ultimately, those who are involved in an accident are advised to seek help from an experienced attorney. “In addition to seeking medical expertise, we also recommend seeking legal expertise,” AA Accident Attorneys states. “Our team can help you receive the compensation you need following an accident here in the Newport Beach area.”

AA Accident Attorneys is a seasoned personal injury firm that represents those who have been involved in car, truck or motorcycle accidents. Additional information is available online at www.aa-accidentattorneys.com.


AA Accident Attorneys is a leading personal injury law firm, representing the needs of clients in Newport Beach, California, and the surrounding area. The firm is known for its aggressive representation on behalf of those who have been harmed in car, truck or motorcycle accidents. Additional information about AA Accident Attorneys is available online at www.aa-accidentattorneys.com.

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