AA Accident Attorneys Shares Tips for Drivers Involved in Hit and Run Accidents

AA Accident Attorneys weighs in on recent California hit and run cases and shares a few tips for drivers.

Hit and run accidents can happen to any driver. One recent headline tells the story of a California woman who was struck by a pickup truck; she was left with serious injuries while the pickup driver sped away, evading any kind of accountability. In a new statement to the press, AA Accident Attorneys weighs in on hit and run accidents and provides some advice to motorists everywhere.

“The sad truth is that you never know when you might be involved in an accident—and if the other driver leaves you in the dust, it can feel frustrating,” comments AA Accident Attorneys. “As such, it’s wise to always be prepared.”

The first tip AA Accident Attorneys offers is for drivers to make sure they pull over as soon as they can safely do so. It is unwise to ever try chasing or apprehending the other motorist.

Second, it is always recommended that those involved in hit and runs call the police. “You’ll have a stronger case, legally speaking, if you call the police and have them file a report,” comments AA Accident Attorneys. “Even if you didn’t get the other car’s license plate or you didn’t clearly glimpse the other driver, call the police anyway.”

Additionally, those involved in hit and runs should make some notes. “Write down any observations about the accident,” says AA Accident Attorneys. “That includes the color, make, and model of the other car, where it happened, the damage done to your vehicle, and anything else you can think of.”

When it comes to filing a claim, some drivers may be surprised to learn that they are not properly covered. “You may or may not have coverage for hit and runs, just depending on your policy,” says AA Accident Attorneys. “If your claim is denied or if you worry you don’t have the right coverage, always contact a lawyer.”

AA Accident Attorneys represents drivers throughout the Fresno, California area and helps hit and run victims pursue the compensation that is their due.

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