AA Accident Attorneys Shares Top Tips for Rideshare Accidents

What should Uber and Lyft passengers do in the wake of an accident? AA Accident Attorneys shares some tips in a new statement to the press.

A recent report confirms that rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft are major contributors to urban traffic, particularly in America’s largest metropolitan areas. What’s more, these rideshare platforms also account for many accidents and injuries, including both vehicle collisions and pedestrian fatalities. In a new statement to the press, AA Accident Attorneys shares some tips for passengers who have been injured in rideshare accidents.

“It’s important to know how to handle yourself after a rideshare accident, and also when to hire an Uber accident lawyer or Lyft accident lawyer,” the firm states.

Safety is the most important thing. If physically able to do so, it’s wise to move out of the road and onto a safe spot on the shoulder or a median. “Also make sure you survey the other people involved, and if you notice any injuries, call 911 for an ambulance,” comments the firm.

AA Accident Attorneys also advises rideshare passengers to call the police. “Have an officer dispatched to make a report,” they comment. “This may be vital to your insurance claim or legal case.”

Gathering contact and insurance information from the other parties is critical. “You may need to file a claim with your driver’s insurance company, with the rideshare company itself, or with the other driver’s insurance company,” AA Accident Attorneys states. “Make sure you collect all the information you’ll need.”

It is also recommended to seek a full medical evaluation from an urgent care facility or ER, even when there’s no visible sign of injury.

Finally, those involved in a rideshare accident are encouraged to hire an Uber accident attorney or a Lyft accident attorney to help file the claim and seek the maximum monetary compensation. “A firm like AA Accident Attorneys can fight for your rights, freeing you to focus on making a full physical recovery,” the firm acknowledges. “We can take all the legal hassle off your plate.”​

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AA Accident Attorneys is a leading personal injury law firm, representing the needs of clients in Fresno, California and the surrounding area. The firm is known for its aggressive representation on behalf of those who have been harmed in car, truck, or motorcycle accidents. Additional information about AA Accident Attorneys is available online at www.aa-accidentattorneys.com, or by contacting the firm directly.

Source: AA Accident Attorneys