AA Accident Attorneys, Leading Car Accident Lawyers in Fresno, Reveal Post-Collision Checklist

In a new statement to the press, AA Accident Attorneys—leading car accident lawyers in Fresno, California—highlight the best things to do following an auto collision.

Being involved in an auto accident can be disorienting, yet it is imperative to take the proper steps in the immediate aftermath of a collision. Not only does this ensure personal safety, but it protects the integrity of any potential insurance claim or legal case. In a new statement to the press, AA Accident Attorneys—a leading car accident lawyer in Fresno, California—comments on the best things to do following a crash.

“Safety should always come first,” comments AA Accident Attorneys. “If anyone needs an ambulance, call one immediately. And, if possible, move the vehicles to the shoulder of the road, minimizing the rise of any further incident.”

It is always prudent to call a police officer to the scene. “The police report will provide a solid baseline of fact, should you ever end up in court,” says AA Accident Attorneys. Additionally, motorists are advised to use their camera phones to take pictures of the accident site, and to collect names and contact information from the other drivers or from any witnesses.

“You will also want to call a car accident attorney in Fresno,” AA Accident Attorneys comments. “A lawyer will help you get your claim filed properly, and they will fight for you to receive the care and compensation you need.”

Medical attention is also important. “Make sure you visit your doctor right after the accident, or else check in at an urgent care facility,” says AA Accident Attorneys. “Even if you don’t feel like you need medical attention, this is an important step. You may have an injury that has simply not revealed itself yet, but the doctor can identify it and give you proactive treatment.”

It is also important to follow all the doctor’s orders. “Go to follow-up appointments, take medication, get physical therapy—do what you need to do in order to get well,” the firm suggests. “And keep records and receipts from any medical treatments you receive. These documents could be vital to your legal case.”

Those who are injured in a car accident and need legal assistance in the Fresno area are invited to contact AA Accident Attorneys directly.

AA Accident Attorneys is a seasoned personal injury firm that represents those who have been involved in car, truck, or motorcycle accidents. Additional information is available online at www.aa-accidentattorneys.com.


AA Accident Attorneys is a leading personal injury law firm, representing the needs of clients in Fresno, California and the surrounding area. The firm is known for its aggressive representation on behalf of those who have been harmed in car, truck, or motorcycle accidents. Additional information about AA Accident Attorneys is available online at www.aa-accidentattorneys.com. Additionally, the firm can be contacted at:

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