A Way To Partake In 50% Of Cancer Trials As Opposed To 5%

The Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada are actively putting their best foot forward when it comes to uniquely treating each patient on a case-by-case basis. Their innovative, ample cancer trials are positively affecting the community.

Have you or a loved one recently been diagnosed with cancer? Obviously, this is a rough time for you and your family. The question is who will you now trust to take care of you? This is far from a decision that should be taken lightly because regardless of the severity of your cancer diagnosis we are talking about what could be a fatal verdict here. This is why the oncologists paired with the exceptional staff at the Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada are not taking any cancer cases lightly.

The Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada is always actively looking for new cancer research Las Vegas solutions. Some physicians could choose to treat you like just another number and put you on a standard treatment. The fact is each patient depending on the cancer type, stage and their preexisting conditions needs to be treated differently. So what is the solution? The Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada has 50% of their cancer patients in dynamic cancer trials. In comparison, most hospitals only enroll 5% of their patients in such trails, but these impressive numbers paired with incredible results are making people talk about The Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada.

Dan Mayron received a cancer diagnosis in his home state of Utah. His primary physician advised him of The Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada and their successful trials. So Dan Mayron traveled across state lines to obtain the care he believed he really deserved and needed in order to fight the findings. He is convinced he would not be here if it were not for their advanced discoveries and individual patient dedication. As a result, Dan Mayron ended up writing a blog about his positive experience in order to spread the word for cancer hopefuls, which was highlighted on News 8.

For a cancer institute Las Vegas that is trusted by locals and patients across the country choose The Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada. With additional programs like "Look Good, Feel Better", Diet and Nutrition counseling and more you can feel both mentally and physically confident you are in good hands. Call (702) 952-3400 or visit http://www.cccnevada.com to find the closest facility to you.

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