90FUN Will Release World's First Self-Balancing Auto-Following Suitcase at CES 2018

During 2017 Single's Day, the Best-Seller Luggage Brand Officially Enters the U.S. Market

On this year’s Single’s Day (the largest shopping fest in China), 90FUN, the largest company of lifestyle companies in Mi Ecosystem, has achieved No. 1 in sales volumes in the luggage category (160,000 suitcases in one day) along with Alibaba’s astounding sales revenues at RMB 151.6 billion yuan. Now it is ready to explore its market in the United States.

In the upcoming CES 2018, 90FUN will release a brand new smart suitcase to the U.S. market first at Booth #25625, South Hall 2, LVCC. “Targeting the U.S. market is the first step of 90FUN’s international branding strategy,” according to Miao LIU, CEO of 90FUN, “because this is where first adopters of new technology gather and the strong curiosity inherent in this region makes it a perfect place to launch our smart suitcase. ” 

90 FUN Puppy1, the Auto-following Suitcase is equipped with advanced balancing technology from its strategic partner, Segway, the world’s leading provider of mobile robotics solutions. Along with its custom auto-following chip and the precise positioning system, it can either follow you anywhere or be summoned by easily setting up the auto-following mode through remote control. All of these will ensure a premium experience for the users.

Carrying the meaning of “ninety points” in Chinese, 90FUN advocates a lifestyle of dispensing with the perfectionism of 100 points and leaving 10 points to be yourself, free as a bird. Having been widely accepted by the local market, now it is time for them to share their design and quality to the world.

Source: 90FUN


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