World's First Invisible Sit-Stand Laptop Desk MOFT Z Launches on Kickstarter

MOFT Z Sit-Stand Desk

Mobile working lifestyle brand MOFT Inc. today launches the world's first invisible sit-stand laptop desk, MOFT Z, on Kickstarter. It’s a truly lightweight and convenient sit-stand desk, helping people develop a healthy sit-stand working posture in the easiest way, keeping them active and productive all day.

Working in the same posture for a long time greatly affects people's health in a bad way, causing neck and spine pain and heavy fatigue. Traditional sit-stand desk usually comes with a bulky size and cumbersome setup, being limited by the working environment and costing so much time and effort.

MOFT Z was designed with origami Z structure, offering one mode for standing and three-mode for sitting. It perfectly fits people who are always sitting at the desk longing to keep active while working. The ultra-versatile yet paper-thin desk body makes it friendly to any working environment, not only to be used in the office but also at home or a co-workspace. It comes with the following features: 

Instant sit-stand conversion 

Even a small amount of movement can help with productivity and focus, thanks to the origami folding design. MOFT Z can be adjusted easily within seconds between sit and stand mode. The maximum elevation is 10 inches. 

Multiple angles for sitting mode 

MOFT Z can be adjusted to various angles to suit different working styles, devices, desk and chair heights. 25° is the perfect angle for typing, while 45° transforms the laptop into a mini working station or a dedicated monitor. This angle also works with peripherals like a Bluetooth keyboard, or an extra monitor. 60° is ideal for reading and drawing using an iPad or tablet. 

Lightweight and foldable 

As thin and light as it is, people can always take MOFT Z away like grabbing a magazine and work anywhere they feel like. The smart folding design makes it friendly to the bookshelf, backpack and container.

Price and availability 

MOFT Z is available on Kickstarter now at a super early bird price of $49. The Kickstarter can be found here:

For more information contact: Cecilia Ho:

Source: MOFT Inc

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