61N: The Wearable Camera That Helps Enjoy All of Life's Moments

61N is a wearable camera that instantly uploads personal photos to cloud storage. Taking photos automatically, 61N allows the user to enjoy the moment instead of constantly minding their phone to capture special moments. With different modes, 61N organizes photos based on location or time for simple browsing.

With the invention of the smartphone and social media, photo taking has become a ubiquitous habit. People rarely experience anything these days without wanting to capture it in a photo. 61N is a wearable camera that handles the photo taking for the user thereby allowing them to simply enjoy themselves. Attached with a wearable clip, 61N can be worn on the lapel, a bag, or any item of clothing allowing for true portability.

Photos are transferred via Bluetooth allowing the user to check and organize photos directly on their smartphone. With Bluetooth connectivity, photos are transferred instantly and wirelessly from the 61N camera to the 61N mobile app. This allows for direct and hassle-free uploads compared to the traditional method of uploading photos one-by-one via a data cable.

The 61N mobile app also has a variety of modes to enhance the photo organizing experience. In Timeline mode, the photos will be organized chronologically and tagged by time and location automatically. In Footprint mode, photos will be organized by location tags and made viewable on Google maps. Photostory mode provides a daily journal of the photos that were taken that day. Timeline-WITH mode provides an album that only the user and their special someone can view. F/F Album mode is a private album only for friends and family. Finally Breadcrumb mode allows the user to drop photos in a location with a private message for other 61N users. When the other 61N user arrives at the location, the photo and message will pop-up!

All of these photos will be stored on 61N’s cloud. Free storage will be provided to registered users up to 10 GB. Service is currently planned to open in July 2016 and will be provided through AWS (Amazon Web Service).

61N will first be made available on Kickstarter with the campaign launch date on April 26, 2016.  

Source: Seers Technology

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