5050 Marketing, Inc. Recruiting for College Graduates

With May graduations approaching, managers at 5050 Marketing, Inc. announced that they will be recruiting recent college graduates to fill sales and marketing positions with the firm. This follows the recent promotion of team members.

“We’re already out on campuses, meeting with prospective graduates,” said Nick, 5050 Marketing, Inc.’s President. “There is so much good talent about to emerge into the job market. We want to be poised to hire the brightest of the group.”

Nick stated that with Chase’s recent promotion to assistant manager, the firm is prepared to expand again. “Chase is doing extremely well in his new role,” Nick added. “He’s continually growing into a competent leader.” 

"Therefore, join your school's alumni associations and meet other graduates. Learn where they've found careers."

Nick, President

With regard to the recruitment process, Nick cited that 5050 Marketing, Inc. is specifically looking for ambitious young professionals who are looking for careers in which they can grow. “A growth-oriented mind-set is key to succeeding in this industry,” he added. “We have a world-class training and coaching program that helps ensure our new associates are equipped with the skills needed to meet our goals and serve brands to the fullest extent.”

“Now that college students are preparing to graduate, this would be the perfect career choice for them to learn and gain new skill sets,” Nick added. “The expertise gained in our training program can be advantageous to anyone. It can be used to help career growth not only at 5050 Marketing, Inc., but for all personal and professional challenges a professional may face in the future.”

5050 Marketing, Inc.’s President Offers Advice to Grads

As the team meets with prospective candidates, Nick offers some words of wisdom. “Start by having a plan in mind,” he added. “In reality, you should have this plan before you start college and follow a degree path. However, you should have some idea of how you’re going to put that education to work for you.”

Networking is vital to job seekers. “Landing a job is a matter of making connections,” Nick noted. “Therefore, join your school’s alumni associations and meet other graduates. Learn where they’ve found careers.”

When applying for jobs, Nick suggested that it is important to consider what skills and experience can be gained and how that will apply to future career paths. “Don’t assume that because something is not in your direct field that it won’t help you acquire the necessary experience to move you forward,” he said. “Look at the opportunities from a different perspective. Perhaps you want to work in sports management. Gaining managerial and entrepreneurial insights in a non-sports field will provide you with a unique perspective.”

“It all comes down to how you maximize the opportunities you have,” Nick concluded. “If you think of each position as a stepping stone to your career objective, you’ll gain more from the experience.”

About 5050 Marketing, Inc.

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Source: 5050 Marketing