5050 Marketing Gears Up for Holidays and Builds Team

At 5050 Marketing, getting into the spirit of things is a year-round effort with this team. As the managers noted, the next few months offer some excitement in the form of a retreat and holiday fun for this hardworking group.

“We’re like a family at 5050 Marketing,” stated Nick, the firm’s President. “We’ve made team building and bonding a cornerstone of our company’s culture. There are so many ways in which to engage your team and inspire them to deliver consistent and positive outcomes.”

This month, members of the 5050 Marketing team attended the organization’s annual rest and relaxation retreat. “We offer this incentive to our team members, with those who exceed the goals enjoying this all-expense paid trip as a reward for their hard work all year,” Nick said. “These associates will get to play, meet industry leaders, and celebrate their hard work with peers from other regions.”

“When we return, we’ll be refreshed and ready to build on the growth and accomplishments that made 2016 so successful,” Nick added. “This has been a great year, and I know there’s more to come.”

5050 Marketing’s President Discusses Team Building Events

Taking business trips together are just one of the many ways the 5050 Marketing team builds bonds and makes memories. “We’re always incorporating activities that help our associates grow professionally while working together in complete cohesion,” said Nick.

“We’re committed to building leaders here,” stated Nick. “We have many training programs that spur ongoing learning for our teams. We set goals that are individual and team-based so that people can work to their personal bests while also being part of our overall success. Our vision is to create an environment in which everyone can excel and advance.”

Fun is a big factor in the company’s overall plan to develop their team. “We look forward to opportunities to celebrate holidays here at 5050 Marketing,” Nick shared. “Last month, we hosted a pumpkin-carving contest for our associates. What a blast that was! The results showed our team’s creativity and imagination, not to mention a few insights into their unique personalities. Of course, it’s hard not to laugh when you’re elbow deep in pumpkin guts.”

“Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we’ll certainly be enjoying many diverse holiday celebrations as a team,” Nick concluded. “We’re all excited about the chance to enjoy each other’s company as we close out this wonderful year.”

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5050 Marketing is a premier provider of lead generation services using interactive marketing techniques. Their methodology combines technology with a personalized approach in order to connect brands with consumers and help them realize the value of the services offered. The result is rapid market expansion and faster ROI for the represented brands. 5050 Marketing’s success has allowed them to continue to expand their diverse portfolio, as businesses continually entrust their marketing needs to this team. To learn more about how they can help businesses grow, visit 5050-marketing.com.

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