5050 Marketing Celebrates Team Member Promotion, Firm Growth

The 5050 Marketing managers were pleased to announce the promotion of an associate to a managerial position. This news comes in the light of the firm's continued growth. The managers also announced they are hiring more team members.

“We have one of the best teams in the industry,” stated Nick, 5050 Marketing’s President. “It’s no surprise to see that one of our associates has moved up to the next level.”

Nick shared that Michele is 5050 Marketing’s newest assistant manager. She previously held the position of campaign manager. “After eight months of dedication to success, her work ethic has paid off!” stated Nick. “Michelle has always been a huge team builder, with a growth-oriented mind-set. We know she will continue to excel in this position!”

As Nick explained, Michelle possesses several qualities that the firm values. “She is constantly meeting her goals, with her current short-term target being to build a solid team,” he stated. “Her strongest traits lie in sales and coaching. She plans on using this skill set to expand the business by opening a new office in the LA area by end of year.”

“Michelle has a great personality,” Nick continued. “She is outgoing and a magnet to anybody. Her motto is to always have a good time and enjoy the little moments.”

More promotions are on tap, according to Nick. “Our goal as a company is to continue to build leaders,” he said. “We believe that by fostering growth within our team, we will see them continue to grow professionally. We are already looking for our next assistant manager. We hope to promote the next person truly showing exemplary leadership skills very soon!”

5050 Marketing’s Managers Announce Hiring Initiative

“As we are setting such high standards for our company’s growth, we are excited to announce we are hiring the brightest individuals to join our expanding company!” stated Nick regarding 5050 Marketing’s hiring push.

Nick explained that the firm is looking to recruit high-energy professionals for sales and marketing positions. “Extensive experience is not necessary,” he noted. “We do offer significant training. The most important qualities are a customer-oriented mind-set, a willingness to work in a team-based setting, and a positive attitude.”

“This is a tremendous place to work,” he added. “As you can see, it’s teeming with opportunities. We’re proud of how well our current team members have grown and progressed. We make it fun with team nights and contests.”

“I would say this is the company any ambitious professional would love to work at,” Nick concluded. “I certainly know I love it here.”

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5050 Marketing is a premier provider of lead generation services using interactive marketing techniques. Their methodology combines technology with a personalized approach in order to connect brands with consumers and help them realize the value of the services offered. The result is rapid market expansion and faster ROI for the represented brands. 5050 Marketing’s success has allowed them to continue to expand their diverse portfolio, as businesses continually entrust their marketing needs to this team. To learn more about how they can help businesses grow, visit 5050-marketing.com.

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5050 Marketing combines technology with a personal touch to generate quality leads and rapid market expansion for represented brands.

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